Friday, February 07, 2014

Friday's Fave Five #269

This week's Friday's Fave Five really snuck up on me.  It seems I just did one and here the whole week has gone by and it is time for another.  But I'm always up for looking for the blessings in my life.  Will you join me?

1.  Birthday Celebrations.  This is how my nephew (in law) celebrated his 50th birthday.  Way to go, Bruce, you and the girls are an inspiration.  What a great idea.  And thanks girls for filming it so that we could get a peek at his "party".

2.  Fitness Celebrations.  Well, I made it through the first month of Jillian workouts at Curves and I lived and didn't die.  Huge reason to celebrate in my opinion!   And the new one started today.  Just when I thought I was getting pretty darn good, she gives us a whole new workout and whoa nellie, it is a whopper!  But I love it.  It keeps me challenged and keeps me from going on auto pilot during the workout.  I can feel myself getting stronger,  and though I have a long way to go, I'm better physically than I was at this time last year.
3.  Hot drinks.  We've had a cold snap this week and on those evenings when I just can't seem to warm up a nice hot drink does the trick.  Cranberry mulled cider, Bengal Spice tea, Apple cider, cinnamon and honey are just some of the yummy drinks that have helped warm me up this week. 
4.  Evenings spent reading.  With the cold snap, I have not wanted to go anywhere.  What's nicer with that nice hot drink mentioned above than curling up with my favorite blanket and my book?  I've had some great reading time this week and it's relaxed me and I think it's even helped me sleep better.
5.  A new to me favorite sandwich at my favorite restaurant.  A Cali sandwich:  panko breaded chicken breast with a hint of rosemary, maple bacon, roasted red pepper, tomato, avocado, mixed greens, pepper jack cheese, ciabatta bun.  My mouth waters as I think of it.  The blessing is being able to enjoy a good meal in a favorite restaurant once in awhile with loved ones and/or friends.

What have been your favorite blessings this week.

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nikkipolani said...

I can't see Mr. Linky, but when I clicked, I could enter my URL. But just in case, it's here:

Your definition of cold snap is, I'm sure, several dozen degrees cooler than ours -- but hot drinks are such a comfort! Um, and so is that yummy sandwich!

Congrats on your fitness progress. Every bit helps and it sounds like you're in a terrific program to meet your goals.

Willow said...

Our cold snap is nothing compared to yours but the drinks are just as welcome here--hot drinks are so comforting.

Hurray for doing the Curves/Jillian Michaels workouts. Go, girl!

Same with me on the link. Here is mine if you need it.

Susan said...

How awesome of your nephew to do 50 RAK's for his 50th birthday. That is inspiring and wonderful!

The Cali sandwich description is making my mouth water too. Avocado always makes food taste soooo much better.

Stay warm, Susanne, and I hope you get to do more reading, drinking favourite beverages,and exercising this week.

Gattina said...

That's a generous gesture for a birthday party ! It looks as windy as here ! Congratulations to your start into "Curves" ! I do yoga gymnastic that keeps fit !

Faith said...

I'm doing this via my iPad and the link isn't working so here's my post

Great list of faves.....yay for books and fave beverages!!

Faith said...

Oops forgot to mention your nephews bday!!!! That was so awesome to watch...what an inspiration for the rest of us!!!!! I hope he had a wonderful day!

Monica said...

I learned, back when I was working out, that your metabolism stalls out if you stay on the same workout. So my "helper" gave me different workouts about every 4 - 6 weeks. Ugh they did get harder too!
COLD! my goodness it is Eskimo weather! If this keeps up I will have to move farther south! LOL!
Great hot drinks and kind of evening! :)

Mia said...

How awesome that your decided to bless others for his 50th! Way to go on your Jilian workouts- she's tough! One of the way she's so good is making sure you don't rely on muscle memory by switching it up!

A book and a hot drink...mmmm... sounds divine. :o)

ellen b said...

That was AWESOME! What a great thing to do for your 50th birthday. Good for you sticking to the routine at Curves. Maybe I should join...
Have a wonderful weekend.

Deb said...

Reading is wonderfully relaxing and does help us sleep better! Good job on the work-outs. Have a great week.

Barbara H. said...

As others have said, in case Mr. Linky won't work, my entry this week is here:

Congratulations on making your milestone in your exercise! It does help to have changes every now and then to keep it interesting.

I love warm drinks in cool weather, and reading any time, but especially curled up with a blanket with a hot drink on a cold evening.

Kathie said...

Hi Susanne - what a cool idea to celebrate your 50th - and fun too.

Congratulations on the exercise milestone - I've been doing well too.

A book and a nice hot drink is the perfect way to spend a cold winter's night.

And going out is a great way to break those winter months up. Glad you enjoyed yourself.

Have a great weekend!


Kathie said...

PS - I didn't mean your 50th :) haha - your nephew's!!

Jerralea said...

What an awesome idea for celebrating birthdays! Happy birthday to your nephew!

Hot drinks and curled up on the couch reading sound like my kind of night.

Good job on you exercise program!