Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday's Fave Five #266

To start this FFF off , I just want to mention that I have not been able to comment of some of the participant's posts.  Brenda, I am having a heck of time with disqus and it won't let me in no way, no how that I've tried.  But just know that I come and read and enjoy your post each week!  Joyful Reader and Paula, I have to tell you that I tried several times to comment on FFF  and it wouldn't take my comment.  I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.  But I just wanted you to know I wasn't ignoring you!

 I feel much better knowing I've been able to tell you.

So onto finding my favorite five blessings from the week.

1. and  2.  Movie Date with Hubby.  Saturday, on the spur of the moment we decided we wanted to see a show and chose Saving Mr. Banks.   The first favorite was the movie being a nice surprise.  I really enjoyed it. Mary Poppins has always been a favorite movie since childhood so I was interested on this take on how the movie was made with the participation of the very particular author.  I like the premise of the show which showed Disney courting P.L. Travers for her permission to make the movie and while she was in on the script writing they showed flashbacks to her childhood.   I will never watch Mary Poppins in quite the same way again.  Of course when I came home I had to google how much of the show was actually fact and how much was Hollywoodized.  Which was interesting in and of itself.

And of course the best part was sharing the movie and popcorn with my Sweetheart!  Love our dates.

3.  Home Group Leaders Christmas Supper.  As an assistant leader of the women's home group I was invited to come for the Christmas dinner with all the other leaders and assistants, their spouses and the pastors.  What a fun evening getting to know the other leaders better, receiving encouragement from each other and just having a fun evening over a delicious Chinese Food Dinner.  It was nice to have it after Christmas too.  Much less stressful than adding one more thing to attend before Christmas.
4.  Bath and Body Shop Sale on hand soaps.  I stocked up with the 10 for $25 sale.  With the dayhome kids, I really go through skads of soap.  But now I'm stocked up for a good while (hopefully).  With delicious smells like pear crisp, twisted peppermint, sugar plum, etc. etc.
5.  American Idol starting.  I really like the changes on the show.  So much more positive and Harry Connick, Jr. cracks me right up.  The audition part was always the part of the show I really hated, the focusing on the contestants who just wanted their 5 minutes of fame, the encouragement of the weirdest of the weird contestants, the embarrassing of some of the kids with  the cruel comments.   But now I'm finding I'm quite enjoying the auditions.  Looking forward to the rest of the season.
Well it's been a very fast week here.  It just went by before I knew it.  We've had crazy, crazy winds happening, recorded gusts up to 138 km/hr.  That's a good 85 mph.  It has melted our snow from the last couple of weeks so fast there is ice and water and mud everywhere.  But I guess the good thing is from a temp of -20*C last week we are predicted to have a day +13*C on the weekend.  Hopefully it doesn't come with the wind!  Have a great weekend everyone.



Willow said...

Wow, those are crazy winds. We've had wind too, but the hot Santa Anas--40 miles/hr and 85F. If we could only blend them, we'd all have more temperate temperatures.

I love the idea of having the Christmas dinner AFTER Christmas--less stress.

Have a great weekend, Susanne!

Mia said...

So glad you got to go on a date with your Hubby! Can't wait to be in the same time zone and catch a flick with my hubby! :o)

We don't have television, so I rarely see trailers or go to the movies. I'm so glad you mentioned Saving Mr Banks! Mary Poppins is my nephew and children's favorite movie so I'll be interested to watch this and see the insight it gives to a popular piece of cinematic history. I will never read or watch JM Barrie's Peter Pan the same way now that I've seen 'Finding Neverland'! :o)

Gattina said...

Thanks for the tip ! this movie must be very nice ! I wonder when it will be shown in Belgium.
Wow you had - 20° !! We never made it so far, - 16° was already unbearable, we are not equipped for that. So far it's rather warm here I mean for winter always around 5°C.

Faith said...

I'm so glad you mentioned not being able to post on Susan's blog! I can't seem to get. In either and I've followed all the steps. So Susan, if you're seeing this please know I do enjoy your blog but miss being able to comment! I've tried from my laptop and iPad and can't seem to get it posted on your site!! Susanne, that movie is on my want to see list and I have a free movie ticket so I might see it next weekend with my youngest. We LOVE Mary Poppins yay for new soaps and good food with the fellowship of other leaders!! Enjoy the weekend.

Monica said...

hmmm, not sure why you can't comment. I don't have any restriction or verifications. I will go into my settings and see if I can figure it out. There are some blogs that I can't comment on either. Some times it is just the computer I happen to be on. I can't link up my FFF from my home laptop. I have to do it when I get to work. I don't understand computers at all.

Enjoyed hearing about your date night! Mr and I haven't been to a movie, just the two of us in years.

Kari said...

Hi Susanne, Happy New Year!
Well date nights, how lovely is that. We don't do that enough here. And the movie - I saw the trailer and I think it would be an interesting movie to watch. My daughter has seen the Body shop sale too and wants to buy all the peppermint stuff!!
Looks like you had a happy week. Happy weekend.

Kathie said...

Scooting to town right now - I'll be back to visit you all this evening! Happy Friday!xo

nikkipolani said...

You certainly had fun with that movie. I've been debating about seeing that film...

Sighed with relief just thinking about how much more relaxing your home group dinner was knowing you had it after Christmas.

Wow, those gusts sound crazy indeed. I'm glad we're not having too many of those right now with our tinder-box situation.

Lisa Spence said...

I really liked Saving Mr Banks though it wasn't quite what I had thought, but then again I'm not really sure what I expected! I thought Emma Thompson was fabulous.

Paula said...

I understand about the commenting problem. Not sure why it happens, but I've experienced it, too.

I'm looking forward to seeing that movie. Mary Poppins is one of my favorite characters ever.

Good sales are so hard to pass up, aren't they?

Hope you stay warm this weekend. Should be around 67 F here in sunny Florida today. :)

Barbara H. said...

I've seen the ads for that movie and thought it looked interesting. Looking forward to seeing it some time.

Our Sunday School class is having their Christmas party a little later this month, too. It does help relieve the December schedule plus brightens up January.

I've enjoyed the auditions for AI this year, too - love HC's sense of humor and the fact that he's truthful and realistic without being harsh.

Wow, those are some high winds!

I have trouble commenting on Brenda's some times, too.

Brenda said...

Hi Suzanne, thanks for letting me know you try to comment. No worries, I love just doing this post and am thankful that you keep hosting!

I've been wanting to see that movie as well. Hopefully soon!

ellen b. said...

I haven't been able to comment on Brenda's posts anymore either since she moved to the discus deal.
I want to see that movie, too.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Jerralea said...

So, you had a date night, too! I think I would like to see Saving Mr. Banks as well. Mary Poppins has been on my mind this week, also.

Funny ... we seem to have a lot in common.

I'm also a big American Idol fan. We taped it to the DVR to watch on Saturday because we are booked up every nite this week. I can't wait!

Deb said...

Oh my, it sure sounds cold there. It was almost 80 here in Arizona this afternoon - just beautiful. This summer when it's 120 - not so much. Saving Mr. Banks sounds like a really good movie - I would like to see it. That's a good sale on soaps and I do love The Body Shop's products. Have a happy weekend!

Kathie said...

I saw that movie this week too - I really liked it. It was very touching.

I heard about your winds on the news - that's incredible. I even saw a clip with a tractor trailer truck flipped over by the wind.

We did some after Christmas, Christmas parties too - mostly because we had so many cancellations due to weather. But it was less stressful. I don't know why we try to pack so many things in such a short time.

Hope you have a great week Susanne!

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

Saving Mr. Banks was such a sweet story -- and the author perspective of "letting a story go" was really interesting to me. I love OUR date nights, too! I have a gift card for Bath and Body Works I need to spend...

Happy New Year, Susanne!