Friday, January 03, 2014

Friday's Fave Five #264

Happy New Year everyone and welcome to the first Friday's Fave Five of 2014.  I'm so excited to be starting another year of purposefully looking for blessings and good things in my life and being able to share back and forth with you all.  It's a real encouragement for me and I hope it is for you too!  I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and I pray that 2014 will be filled with God's wonders and blessings of love, joy, health and peace for you all!

Now onto the last of 2013's favorites.

1.  All the "kids" making it back to respective places they needed to be safe and sound.  All three kids flew the coop and made it where they needed to be without any mishaps.  Granted we drove T., our youngest at 19, back to her city for school.  This was a decision my husband made because of all things, there was a "flash freeze" in the big city she had to pass through and a "zero visibility and blowing snow" the night before on the majority of highway from the big city to her school city.  Yikes.  In all my years living here I don't ever recall hearing of a flash freeze (though I may be wrong).  It's a bizarre thing.  One day it's blowing warm chinook winds above 0*Celcius (32*F), right balmy, and overnight the temp dropped so fast and so drastically it created a flash freeze of all the wetness from the melt.  And the zero visibility is just crazy!  So we knew the roads might be not in good shape that morning.  So her Dad and her drove in her car and me and K., my oldest, drove in my car behind.  And I'm so glad we did.  While T is a very good driver it was a little scary in some spots.  The visibility was then really good but some slippery parts and some snow on a few parts of the highway.  There must have been at least 30 cars in the ditch between the big city and her school city.  Which begs me to ask...what is so darn important that people have to risk driving on roads that police had been warning for hours about to stay off of and to stay put?  I just don't understand people.  On the way home we came to a dead standstill twice in long line ups while we waited for tow trucks to pull some of those cars out of the ditches. But for the most part when we went the roads weren't too bad, although busy as usual, and she made it home safe and was only an hour late for work.  The other two didn't have to leave for a few days after that and the roads were good for the both of them and they made it without delays or mishaps.

2.  A husband who is willing to go out of his way to see his daughter home safely even though it meant 7 hours of driving and gas money spent.  My heart wells with love for him at his care and concern for his children.  Even though they are grown and considered adults.

3.  Pit stop in the big city on the way home.  Again, thanks to my hubby who made a stop to please me so that I could run into one of the bigger malls where they sell and install my favorite brand of electronic screen protection.  They don't have this kiosk in my city and I was thankful as we were already getting behind in getting home because of the stops on the highway.  My phone is now protected.

4.  Dinner at Chili's in the big city.  Again, thanks to hubby who stopped to treat us to dinner at Chili's, a restaurant we don't have in our city and a fave of ours, so that we could eat as all we'd had that day was a corn dog.  Had the best avocado burger, ever!

5.  Opening a fresh, new calendar to January.  There is something soothing and exciting to turn that page and see all those days that as of yet are unmarked and not filled with things to do.  I know that won't last but at least for a day or two I'll enjoy looking at the fresh, clean & unmarked calendar.

What have your favorites been this past week?


Faith said...

Oh Susanne, what a wise husband you have regarding driving your daughter back....our state of NY has been declared to be in a state of emergency because of the snow storm that has come upstate AND downstate. In our area of Albany, the roads were bad due to blowing and drifting snow but here in our town, about 7 miles north, we didn't get as much accumulation as they predicted. We have about 5 inches.Haven't ventured out yet due to the warnings. The bitter cold is keeping us in! I love a fresh new calendar too....and Happy New Year!! (love the new image...oops...i used the old one...but saved your new one)

Joyful Reader said...

so glad everyone is home safe and sound. Travel is uncertain this time of year and I prefer to stay home whenever possible! :)
Some benefits out of the deal isn't too bad?! :)
I enjoy writing all the birthdays and events on my new calendar. It hangs in the bathroom so I can see it while brushing my teeth!
Hope your January 2014 is a great one!

Mrs. C (Paula) said...

I have never driven in snow, much less on icy roads. I can't imagine how nerve wracking that would be. Glad your kiddos (and you) all made it back to their respective places safely. We have several Chilis restaurants in our area; definitely a favorite. I love opening up a fresh calendar, too. All the possibilities within those blank pages!

I'm going to try to participate regularly in your FFF linkup this year. Hope you have a wonderful 2014!

Barbara H. said...

Yikes indeed! I'm glad your husband make the decision to take your daughter back and everyone got where they needed to be safely, along with some side benefits to being in the big city!

A new calendar made my list, too!

nikkipolani said...

That flash freeze sounds perilous for kids returning to school. I'm so glad you all came up with a good plan to get everyone there and back safely. And a needed visit for some refreshment, too!

I love starting out the new year with a fresh Five Fave :-)

Willow said...

I'm glad you were all safe during that trip in the ice and snow. I remember such drives from when we lived in Chicago and in the Pacific Northwest--it' Your hubby was wise to lead that expedition himself.

It's great to group your trips like that--dinner, shopping AND keeping your kids safe--win, win, win!

Anonymous said...

Susanne, I am grateful that you've been a faithful host and poster for FFF. I am back again.

Your husband is such a great protector and provider. I bet many people are impacted by the relationship you two have.

Chilis - yummm. I just might have to go there this weekend especially since it is only 3 minutes away. I hear an avocado burger calling my name.

Have a happy weekend.

Jerralea said...

I love an unmarked calendar, too. So filled with possibilities!

I've never been to a Chili's yet. You make me want to go!

Glad everyone is safe and sound. Now it sounds like our turn for a big winter storm which is predicted for my area on Sunday.

Deb said...

Sounds like you have had a good week. Your husband is a good, caring father. I'm with you - I love a brand new fresh calendar! Have a wonderful weekend and stay safe and warm!

Mia said...

So glad you had time as a a family and everyone got back to their homes/schools safely! It is truly a blessing for a young woman to have a such a strong, devoted father! :o)

I love a fresh calendar nearly as much as I love a fresh, unmarked journal- so full of possibility!

Gattina said...

I know this "flash freeze", it once happened to me. I was in a shopping mall, outside it was also around 0°C, but when I got out the whole parking was a ready for ice skating ! I managed to leave the parking and literally slid home, an ice on the road is much more dangerous then snow ! you are completely helpless.
Good that you made it safely !!

Cindy said...

No matter how old they are we are parents until our job is complete, great to hear he is so supportive, my father would have told me to take a bus. But that is those days long gone by.