Friday, December 27, 2013

Friday's Fave Fives #263

Well we made it through Christmas.  Through all the preparing and baking and cooking and shopping.  All be visiting and parties.  All the chaos and fun and exhaustion.  There was much to be thankful for.  Yes, there was presents and all the hoopla but in the midst of that was the real things that I am truly grateful for.  Please join in and share you 5 favorite things from your week.

1.  Safe travels for all my kids as they came home.  The weather held out, the roads were in good driving condition and my girls made it home safely last weekend.  My son had made it safely to his job on Christmas Eve and back home again safely on Boxing day.  I'm so thankful for that.  I try not to think too much when I know they are on the road, I pray and try to keep giving it over to the Lord, or I would drive myself crazy with anxiety.  

2.  A chance to see all our relatives at some point.  Sometimes it doesn't happen.  There are just too many dinners and parties all happening at the same time or close together or just too many, period.  But this year, without feeling like we were always on the run, we actually managed to have a visit with everyone.  I enjoy seeing family at Christmas, they are what is important to me, so to be able to see them all was extra special.

3.  A relaxed Christmas morning.  Because my son was working at his job on a ambulance service Christmas Eve and Day, we waited to open our gifts on Boxing Day morning when he was back and our stockings on Monday night before he left.  This opened up a really relaxed Christmas morning to celebrate T's (my youngest) Christmas Day birthday.  It was so much nicer, at least in my opinion.  Wonder if I can talk everyone into making this a new tradition.

4.  The food of Christmas.  I'm the first to admit, I love the all the delicious food of Christmas.  I love tasting other's favorite Christmas fare and I love to cook.  So this is one yummy week I'm very thankful for.  Gym tomorrow!

5.   Moments of quiet to reflect on the whole reason we celebrate Christmas.  To remember that Jesus came to earth in the humble form of a human baby to draw us and to show us God's love for us and to bring us back to Him.  How very thankful I am for such a loving God!

How was your Christmas week?  Did you have moments of calm and quiet where you could reflect on your favorites?

I wish you all a very Happy New and all God's best for 2014!  I can't believe our next FFF will be in 2014.  Thank you all for being a blessing to me and joining me in the last year!  I look forward to you sharing your favorites throughout the next year.


Willow said...

Merry Christmas--I have been meditating on John 1:14--the Word became flesh and dwelt among us--during this week. As you said, it's the most important part of Christmas. However, I'm glad you were able to celebrate with your family and enjoy all those yummy things to eat. And Happy Birthday to your girl!

Gattina said...

We had a not so quiet Christmas, although we were only 5, but a 3 year old is fun to have but also tiring, lol !

Deb said...

Sounds like a good Christmas. Glad all your family is safe and well. Enjoy the rest of the week!

Lynette said...

Love number 5. It's the time to reflect and bury treasures in our hearts. Happy New Year

Barbara H. said...

Sounds like a lovely week! I know what you mean about wanting to see everyone yet feeling exhausted from running here and there - I'm glad you had a good balance of seeing family but having time to relax as well.

The different Christmas schedule sounds great, especially with a birthday to celebrate on Christmas Day as well.

I so agree about the food! I just listed it as a subset of Christmas, but, oh, my, I'm stuffed and already planning to take some drastic measures with diet and exercise after it's all over. But for now I'm just enjoying it without going too crazy with it all.

nikkipolani said...

When my dad used to preach at Christmas time, our family would have alternate celebration dates, too -- sometimes earlier, sometimes later than the 25th. So I know just the feeling you mean of having a more relaxed atmosphere. Lots of good things to fill your week: great visits and food and reflection, too.

Jerralea said...

A relaxed Christmas is the very best!

I'm glad you got to see everyone. I always enjoy seeing all the family whenever there are celebrations. It seems like we don't get together unless there is a celebration (or a funeral!)

Safe trips for our kids is a great gift from the Father!

Faith said...

yes I had some quiet moments to reflect....I've been thinking about Jeremiah 31:3 and how He loves us and draws us to is so nice that you got to see all of your family with no stress and that your children drove safely home. That is a hUGE blessing! Happy new year, Susanne!!

ellen b. said...

Glad you had a good Christmas week! We did, too.

nikkipolani said...

Happy new year to you and your family, Susanne! And thank you for your sweet Christmas card. May God bless each of you uniquely in 2014.

Cindy said...

Your Christmas sounded wonderful, yes make it a tradition. We do something of the same... and just have a quiet stay in the two of us until all breaks loose. I beat your son was happy everyone waited for him. Yes, now comes the after effect of food and fun, cheers