Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Sordid Story of Why I'm Missing in Action, Bloggy Action, that is

I'm making a quick stop to say hello to everybody.  It seems I have taken an unintended bloggy break.  Thank you to everyone who checked in with me when I wasn't showing up.  Last week I attended an awesome Christian women's conference.  I did have an Friday's Fave Five post auto posted and ready to roll.  Or so I thought.  Apparently in the excitement of packing and anticipating and attending to the myriad of other details I had to get to before I left I pushed the save button rather than the publish button.  Hence, no FFF post when all my wonderful participants showed up.  Oops.

The conference was amazing and is an annual event hosted by a growing, wonderful church here in Alberta.  Six hundred women all coming together with the intent of worship, celebration, learning and growing in the Lord.  To say nothing of the fun, food and late nights.  I love it.  But I come home exhausted from these things.  This was the first one I've attended at this church and the first conference in about 6 years that I've gone to.  One of the things I love about going to these kinds of things is stepping out of my little church box and experiencing the unique personality of another church.  Even though my home church is now connected with this larger church, we have our own unique culture from them.  We are not exactly the same in how we do things.  The message is the same but the personality is different and I love that.  It allows all of us to learn and grow from each other.  My heart and my mind are so full I'm still processing.  What an amazing time.  But I'm tired with a capital "T".  I just want to go to bed and cover my head for a while.  I'll share more of what I learned and experienced in another post.

I've also been super-duper busy in dayhome.  It's Thanksgiving weekend this weekend here in Canada and that means lots of extra work in dayhome.  Holidays always bring on more planning, more crafts, more theme related things.  Add to that I've got some part timers coming full time right now because of surgery their mom had and, whoa nellie, my plate is full.

And speaking of Thanksgiving, the girls are coming home, both bringing guests.  I love that.  But again, more work.  Extra rooms to clean and freshen up, all the food to plan and buy and prep.  Yikes. Not much computer time.

This is also my busy time with church related activities.  I'm in charge of Operation Christmas Child at my church and that is kicking off.  I also am in charge of the silent auction and giveaways for the Ladies Christmas Party so that is a huge time consumer right now.  Whew!  But I love those areas and am reluctant to give either up.  It's just too bad they both happen at the same time.  I need to recruit help!  Any volunteers?   ;v)

So that's my story and I'm sticking to it.  Tomorrow FFF will be back and I look forward to "seeing" you all again.  And this time you can bet I will be double checking which button I push!


ellen b. said...

Glad your busy times include good things and lots of stretching in a good way. I'm not on the top of my game these days...
Happy Thanksgiving weekend to you and yours!

Faith said...

I"m so happy that you got to attend a wonderful women's conference! Dave and I attended one last year for parents and it was so refreshing and we got some great ideas! Well, you know i would help with OCC if I lived near you, but THIS year I told my small group that OCC was gonna be our first service project....we are going to do a box for each person in our family. I can't wait!! Thanksgiving for you northern neighbors is the same day we celebrate the explorer, Christopher Columbus....see you tomorrow! I'm wiped but gonna work on my FFF now that dinner is cleaned up and laundry is in the wash :)

nikkipolani said...

Wow. I think you have just listed your five (dozen) faves for the week! Not the being super tired part, of course ;-) You're not kidding about the busy busy part. In any case, happy Thanksgiving!!!

Gattina said...

No wonder that you pushed the wrong button !
Now I am here again for FFF it's 8.30 am and I hope to be able to read your week a little later. That's the problem with the time difference ! While you still sleep, we are already running around in the house !

Kathie said...

We're up here in the East too - and heading out for the day. I can hardly wait to read all about your adventures Susanne! Here's my link for FFF -