Monday, August 19, 2013

More Mountain Time

I love little surprise day trips.  And what I love even more is little surprise day trips to the mountains.  We are very blessed where we live.  Even though it's considered prairies the mountains are as close as a short hour and half drive away.  The best of both worlds within reach.

On Saturday, the Hubby and I, and of course the dog, can't leave the furball behind, took off for the mountains.  One of the best days ever.  Lots of walking, lots of laughing, lots of picture taking, lots of eating, lots of relaxing and enjoying God's creation.

For the first half hour or so, my mother-guilt was waging battle with the day.  It was the first time in 23 years we have gone to Waterton without the kids.  It was always a family destination.  Now it was Hubby and me.  It was, be still my heart, like a date!

A walk along the shoreline of the lake was definitely in order.

Love the shoreline of Waterton.  It's so scenic and beautiful.  Lots of people were enjoying the day.  Some going on the shoreline cruise which is a two hour trip that crosses the U.S. border.  One of these fine years I am going to go on this trip.  Almost did it this time but we just missed the 1 p.m. launch and the next wasn't until 4 and we just didn't want to take that one.  

Yes, the water is actually two colors.  It looks amazing.  You see exactly where the shallow drops off into the deep.  Lots of people braved the cold mountain water to swim and have fun in the water.  I wasn't one of them.  But the dog was.  

Having the time of his life he was.  He's so funny.   Not only do we throw the stick for him, but he'll throw it around for himself too.  He's the most playful dog we've ever had.  The cold doesn't stop him.  He figures the lake was put there just for his pleasure and he takes full advantage of the opportunity.

Now this was a bit more my pace for the day.  Hubby had me laughing so hard on this thing I could hardly breathe and of course, that made me ease up on my share of the pedaling which made him puff even more which made me laugh even harder.  In true Living to Tell family fashion we had turned onto an uphill road when all this started occurring.  The dog just ignored us as he sat on his "throne" taking in the ride and didn't help one iota.  He just sat looking cute for the passersby.  Spoiled pup!

One the way home, we took a little side trip on the country roads to get under these big guys.  They are huge close up.  One of these blades, just one, takes up 2 flatbed rail cars.  I had watched a documentary that showed a lot of people who live near these are coming up with some health issues like headaches and hearing issues from the constant low frequency noise they put out.  Hubby wanted to hear them for himself.

We concluded that while we could hear them, it didn't seem bad at all but that we don't have to live under them 24/7 so we could not make a judgement.  They sure are something else though to see up close.

We came home tired and full of great memories of a great date!  I love the mountains.


ellen b. said...

Looks like the best kind of date, one that lasts a whole day. Glad you could get away and laugh and enjoy each other and the beautiful scenery!

Karen said...

It sounds like a wonderful day. Having 'date' again is fun, isn't it? Your dog is so sweet!

We live on 'the prairie' with the mountains about a half hour drive. We keep saying we're going to get up there for a day before the summer is over. Your post has inspired me to make it happen.

Faith said...

well, you certainly know I love the mountains!! and wow....your date was just breathtakingly beautiful!!! what fun you look like you are having!! I am laughing at the windmill pic because we just saw one (actually 4) on our return trip from MA...there are some in the Berkshire Mountains which is the very western edge of the state of MA and into the most eastern edge of New York State. they really are something to see!! enjoy the rest of the week, Susanne!!

nikkipolani said...

Ah, just glorious, Susanne! That dog sure has got it good. Bet he was tuckered out after so much fun and excitement.

Barbara H. said...

Sounds like a fun outing! I love the two-toned water.