Monday, July 15, 2013

Simple Woman's Daybook ~ 7/15/13

Joining in with others at the Simple Woman's Daybook in an exercise to record about our days.  I had set a goal to do this the first Monday of every month.  Well as you can see I'm just a tad bit behind.  Oh well.  You gotta live life to blog about life, right?


Outside my window ... it's cool and cloudy, might be some rain today.  The coolness is a welcome as it's been hot the last week so it's a nice break

I am thinking ... about the sermon at church yesterday about offense.  Such an easy thing to get caught up in.  A point that really stood out was to guard ourselves about taking on other's offenses

I am thankful ... God's grace, mercy and forgiveness for when we fall.  And for a fairly relaxed weekend where I actually feel refreshed and ready to start this Monday

In the kitchen ... leftovers today, Beef Noodle Bowls, baked spaghetti, grilled burgers, tomato curry chicken

I am going ... to the Lone Ranger tonight with some friends.  Hope it'll be good.

I am wondering ... how I will handle my youngest going off to bible school this fall

I am hoping ... that the family she'll be living with is a good fit for her and she has a wonderful experience

I am reading ... "Sherlock Holmes and the Needle's Eye" and "Unwritten" by Charles Martin (both linked in the sidebar)

I am looking forward to ... holidays coming up this summer

I am learning ... I just simply cannot take on as much as I once did.  A hard lesson for me

I am pondering ... just why I have trouble saying no and why I struggle with guilt in this area

One of my favorite things ... a Sunday evening walk to Starbuck's with my hubby and dog

A few plans for the week ... movie tonight, continue scavenging for items to add into an upcoming yard sale, groceries, sell some books to a used book store, clean out linen closet

A picture peek into my day ... 

This bush make me smile when it blooms out!


ellen b. said...

A lovely bush! I heard someone say lately that "No" is a complete sentence. It's something good for many of us to learn that we can say no without an explanation. Hope your yard sale goes well!

Karen said...

I really like Ellen's comment about "No." being a complete sentence. I need to remember that. It isn't easy to do as much as we once did, is it?

I'll be interested to hear your take on the Lone Ranger. That's one I've been wanting to see, too.

Faith said...

sometimes it is indeed a tough lesson to learn to say NO. I've learned it finally after many years! I want to see the Lone Ranger...let us know how it is!

Sue said...

Boy, I'd be in trouble if Starbucks was just a walk away:)

Mom24 said...

I admire how much time you and your hubby spend together. Mark and I have shifted into a pattern of letting our busyness prevent that from happening and I know it's not good. We need to work on that. Thank you for the reminder.

Good luck with your daughter. I know how hard that will be for you.