Thursday, June 20, 2013

Well, that was scary!

If I have nothing else to say, the weather around here always seems to provide good blog fodder.   A vicious storm blew threw here around supper last night and I mean vicious!  It's been raining off and on here for days, with Monday providing a good down pour.  We missed that one as we were safely ensconced within the walls of a mall in the big city spending money we didn't have.  We heard all about it when we picked the dog up from my Mom's that night.  But yesterday?  Yikes.

It hit with full force right off the bat.

Rain and hail together.  This covering was within minutes of it starting.  I could barely poke my head out the door to take a picture for the force of the hail hitting the front door.  And we have a covered porch!  See the rain pouring right over the top of the neighbor's downspout?  That's how fast it was coming, the gutters and downspouts couldn't handle it.  We couldn't even see to the street at one point.

Just before it hit I had dragged my plant pots under the covering of the porch but it didn't offer much from the craziness.  That pot weighs a ton and in a rush of adrenaline I picked that baby up and moved it like Superman's wife.

When it was done we were left shoveling at the bottom of the driveway to free up the city drain system.  Just in time for the 3+ hour constant deluge of rain, thunder and lightning.

Those things were big and solid and hurt when they hit.

And wouldn't you know I was going to go out that night to take pics of my garden for Friday's Fave Fives.  But this is what you get instead.  This is my poor clematis and African Daisies.  Sigh.  My geraniums are probably toast.  As is all the lovely perennial flowers in my beds.

But what really breaks my heart is this hosta.  My favorite out of 4 that I have.  It was full, it was luscious.  The leaves were the size of a dinner plate.

Now it's a tattered mess.  Sob.  I don't know if any will recover.  Anyone know what I should do with this baby?  Should I cut it back?  Should I leave it?  Is there any hope for it this year?

Well, I see the sun is trying to peek out.  I need to go and pull  my flower pots out from underneath chairs and tables on the deck and let them feel some rays.  Those seem okay.  I might have a couple happy pictures for tomorrow after all.


ellen b. said...

Oh dear me! That is quite the storm. So sorry about your Hostas. I can't give any advice since I'm not a good gardener...
Hope your day is mild today.

Mrs. C (Paula) said...

I'm sorry that your plants suffered but am glad that you are safe. Hail can do so much damage in a matter of moments.

Faith said...

oh no! it sounds and looks like you are getting the rain that we had here in NY last week. It was awful there too but we didnt get the hail. I lost part of my peony plants (sob) but my hosta survived. My rose bush was bent badly and it hasn't fully recovered. Ah...this weather!! so far, today has been the perfect early summer day....and since summer starts tomorrow (by the calendar) i will pray that you guys experience more sunnier days!! see you tomorrow for the FFF...MY FIRST DAY HOME FROM WORK FOR THE SUMMER!!!!

JoannaTopazT said...

That looks like a scary storm! Glad you are OK.

I have found my hostas to be very resilient, so yours may come back as well. My method is cutting back obvious dead stalks in the spring and then just letting them grow.

Mom24 said...

What a horrible storm! Glad you were all safe, but so sorry about your plants.

Sandra said...

My goodness that is scary. And yes those hail pellets hurt something fierce, I've been caught in a hail storm before and it was no fun.

Kathie said...

Oh my goodness Susanne - my dh was reading the news about the floods out there so I decided to see how you were doing. So sorry about the floods and all the damage. Praying!

nikkipolani said...

I don't grow hostas (they're snail-bait around here) but I would imagine that trimming them back will give them a chance to start anew.

It must be that summer's officially about to start that you are getting this ferocious hail/rain/storm... That weather of yours is CRAZY!