Friday, February 08, 2013

Friday's Fave Five #229

Who can believe it's already less than a week to Valentine's Day?  Wow.  The weeks are just flying right on by.  It's a good thing I have FFF to help me find and remember the blessings of each week or, poof, they'd be right gone out of my head.  Please join me in sharing blessings, large, small and every size in between.  Participation details are linked in the side bar if you are new.

1.  This quote.  So true.

"We say 'all we can do now is pray' like prayer is the last kid picked in dodge ball.That's so dumb because prayer is not a last resort. Prayer is a nuclear weapon. Joshua prayed 13 words and called the sun to stand still in the sky.” ~ Steven Furtick

2.  Water.  I've been trying to up my water intake lately.  I've a horrible habit of eating everything but the kitchen sink when, really, I am just thirsty.  So I've been trying to be really conscience of when I'm heading towards the fridge and cupboards to remember that and head for the water cooler instead.  At our house we have an ionized water filter and it makes the water so refreshing and thirst quenching.  Water is slowing becoming a favorite.

3.  Voltaren Emulgel.  A topical anti-inflammatory, this stuff has been getting me through the work days.  Pharmacist recommended me using it 6x a day and when I stay on top of it, it has given considerable relief.   It really does help with the pain that's coming from my "sports" injury of a badly strained ligament.  I'm slowly starting to see improvement with how long I can be up and around before the knee area really starts to ache, and I have gone from using it every 3 hours to just using it when I've gone and over done it and it really starts to ache.

4.  Sunshine!  We've had some gorgeous sunny days this last week and some above freezing temperature days.  I'm especially grateful for the sunshine because just because we have a warm day here doesn't necessarily mean that sun accompanies it.  The nature of our winters is that the chinook winds are what bring the warmth in the winter but that also means wind and a chinook arch, which is solid stratus clouds except for the far distant western sky peeking out on the horizon. Usually they are gray during the day like in my picture below but they can produce some pretty amazing colors at sunset.

But instead of grayness, there has been blue sky and sunshine for at least a good portion of some days.  I need all that wonderful warmth and vitamin D at this time of year that I can get!

5.  A whole lotta help.  Hubby has been wonderful over the past week helping with dishes, groceries, vacuuming and whole lot of fetching things from downstairs.  I've really appreciated the helping hand this week and it definitely has not gone unnoticed!

What have been your favorites from the past week?


Willow said...

I'm glad that gel is working for you! Anything (almost) that relieves pain is my friend.
I remember reading about 'the chinook' in the Laura Ingalls Wilder book The Long Winter. (and it's her birthday today, according to google) Hurray that yours included sunshine!
Love that quote! SO true!

Gattina said...

Mr. G. takes Volateren tablets when he has an arthritis crises which happens now quiet often with this cold and wet weather. It really helps. We have snow again today, I thought winter would be over by now ! Unfortunately not ! Phew !

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

Love that quote. Sooo true. Glad to hear you've had a touch of sunshine. I know we take ours for granted here in the Sunshine State, whining over a cloudy afternoon!

Glad you found something for relief, too, and most of all that great help. Hope you just keep getting better.

Faith said...

That's awesome that the gel is working! And I LOVE drinking water...i carry a Camelbak water bottle all day (after coffee of course!! ) I do find that i drink less of it in the colder months so have to make a conscious effort to drink it. I like it with sliced limes or lemons. Yay for hubby's help and for sunshine. I expected to see snow on your ground!! we have neither but supposedly we are getting 9 inches today!! i'm home!!!! snow day! enjoy YOUR day.

Kathie said...

I'll have to check into that gel - I have chronic bursitis in my hips and it just might be a help.

Glad you're getting some sunshine - we are too and even though it's very cold, we're beginning to feel some warmth from the sun - yay!

What a sweet hubby - you'll have to get him an extra special valentine!

Beautiful quote and reminder - saying a prayer for a full recovery for you Susanne


snowbird said...

I'm glad your knee is becoming less painful, hopefully it will be better soon.

What a good idea drinking instead of eating...I must try that.xxxxx

Melissa said...

You've been blessed this week! Help from hubby and pain relief from the gel are definitely gifts!

Amy @ Hope Is the Word said...

We've had springlike weather down south this week, too, and it was been so very welcome! I'm glad you've had relief from your pain AND help! Those are real blessings!

nikkipolani said...

So good to find something to help with pain! And sunshine to warm your days and clouds for gorgeous sunsets.

Barbara H. said...

I posted earlier this morning but then forgot to link up. Duh!

#1 is so true. Prayer is, or should be, the first resort.

I had not heard of that anti-inflammatory -- glad it's helping!

It is really heartening to see some sunshine after a time of grey skies.

So glad your hubby has been able to help out -- not only physically helpful, but it means a lot.

Chris said...

Love the quote!

I use Voltaren Gel here in the States, and I wonder if it's the same thing? Here it's by prescription only. If I could get it over the counter and just use it more often I'd be all for small tube costs me $40, even with my insurance.


Jerralea said...

I LOVE that quote. It's so true - we view as praying as not doing much, when really it means everything.

Love that picture of your chinook arch. I'm all about blue skies and sun, too. It just perks me up!

Glad your knee is healing and that you found relief for when you overdo.

ellen b. said...

Love that quote!! I'll be stealing it for facebook soon. I'm also going to follow you in drinking more water instead of snacking! That topical anti-inflammatory sounds real interesting.
Yippee for sunshine. We've been promised a nice stretch of it...

Brenda said...

Nothing beats good water!

Voltaren gel is wonderful! Unfortunately we have to have a prescription here to buy it :(

Heather said...

That quote is so true! I have been guilty of thinking praying isn't enough, when it is the only thing that has power.

I'm so glad the gel is working for your knee! Pain is no fun!

I drink mainly water. I like to put some flavor in mine with kiwi strawberry. My boys drink water too. I started them out on it and they ask for it and it makes me happy!

I got some really pretty pictures last week of the sunrise. Oh it was gorgeous!

So glad you have a helpful hubby,I do too!! Blessings to you!

Mom24 said...

Love that quote. Glad you're getting some relief for your knee. So nice that your hubby has been so helpful. I have a bad habit of eating when I'm thirsty as well. I really need to work on that.

Brenda said...

Water is so important. It's our favorite beverage around here.
Your quote is so true. Would sure relieve a lot of stress if we chose to pray first rather than last, wouldn't it?
Happy weekend to ya.

Karen said...

I'm glad you're finding some relief from the knee pain. Great list this week. Sunshine is a real bit of grace in the middle of the winter.