Friday, November 09, 2012

Friday's Fave Five #216

Well I don't know what the weather is like in your neck of the woods but boy, oh, boy.  We've been hit with a winter blast that makes a couple weeks ago seem mild and balmy.  Sheesh.  But good weather or bad, it's always a good time to look for the blessings that are brought our way.  Join our group as we participate in Friday's Fave Five.  Guidelines are here.

1.  Safe Travels.  Hubby and my Dad had to make a trip to the big city, about 2 hours away.  I'm so thankful it was the day before this winter storm hit.  They had great weather and road conditions, unlike the crazy slippery roads full of snow today.  A blessing to be sure.

2.  Christmas shopping started.  Yes, I know it seems early to some.  But it sure relieves my stress to be able to split it up over a couple of months.  I have a plan.  And it's been put into action.  Look out Christmas, here I come.

3.  4 Wheel Drive.  I am so thankful for 4 wheel drive in my vehicle.  It made the driving today go so much smoother.  No fishtailing, no slipping around.  I've never had it before but now I don't think I want to be without it.

4.  Uplifting music.  Hubby has put together about 4 CD's worth of great, uplifting contemporary Christian music and worship that I love.  It's so nice to turn it on in the vehicle as I drive.  

5.  Warm jammies, housecoat and slippers.  When it's blowing snow outside what is better than getting cozy and warm inside?

What were your favorite blessings this week?  If you've done a post, feel free to sign onto Mr. Linky.  


nikkipolani said...

Must be your Alberta influence that we are finally getting some fall weather -- and even rain! Cool enough, anyway, to appreciate warm jammies and socks. Good for you for starting the Christmas plans.

Gattina said...

So winter moved in ! We still have 9° C or more, last year at the same time it snowed ! I buy Christmas gifts the whole year long, lol ! Each time I see something nice quality/price, I buy it and put it in a special cupboard. So I don't have all the money to spend at once in December. A friend of mine gave me this good idea !

Kara said...

We have had a couple of doozy storms here as well although we were not hit near as hard as others so I am grateful. I do love to cozy up in warm slippers by the fire though.

Ann said...

I'm not ready to Christmas shop yet. . . Glad you are!!! :-)

Mom24 said...

Thankfully we're not having the freezing cold outside weather yet, we're actually supposed to get close to 70! this weekend, but I do love to snuggle in my jammies when it's dark and cold outside so I totally relate.

How nice of your hubby to do those CDs for you. What a wonderful gift.

I'm glad you have a plan for Christmas. This year I have an idea of how to pay for it, which is quite a blessing, but I'm having a terrible time coming up with ideas I think people will like. I hate to just give "token" gifts, but that may happen this year.

I love the picture of the shivering squirrel, too cute!

Barbara H. said...

We've had a cold spell this week, but nothing like what you're experiencing thankfully. It's been frosty at night and early morning but not bad in the afternoons.

My husband has done a bit of Christmas shopping. I like getting it done earlier, but not before we know what everyone wants...I'm hoping we haven't spent too much of our budget already.

I think 4-wheel drive would be a must there, and anywhere there is snow and ice a lot in the winter.

The CDs were thoughtful gifts.

Willow said...

I'm such a weather wimp; I can't imagine the snow and cold. Even with our rainy weather, I'm bundled up in warm jammies, socks and robes.
Does Christmas knitting count?

ellen b. said...

Oh how I love to be all tucked in my robe, flannels and slippers. I'm glad that the trip was safe for your dad and hubby. We are at the beginnings of researching a new vehicle with 4wd as one of the features now that our son lives over a mountain pass.

butterfly wishes wonderland dreams said...

wow so lucky to have snow already! My girls (and I) would love some snow to play in this weekend!

I'm done with my girls and have everything picked out for everyone else!

Love listening to happy uplifting music. Christmas is my favorite: love Amy Grants christmas cd Breath of Heaven is a beautiful song.

Susan said...

Oh, Susanne, you are encouraging me to get going with Christmas shopping. When my kiddos were home, I'd have it all done by Dec 1. Then I got out-of-the habit. I think this is the year to get into that habit.

Your weather sure does call for "comfort" clothing. SO glad everyone had a safe week.

I get to stay home tomorrow and I am looking forward to a jammies, slippers and robe day even though the weather is only a little rainy and cool.

Jerralea said...

I love to be warm and cozy when the weather is terrible outside, too. Love that picture of the squirrel!

We're in the beginning stages of looking for a new vehicle ... it will be some months before we actually do it. We are thinking of 4WD or all wheel drive since we now have three different parts of our families living in the mountains.

Karen said...

Winter is arriving this weekend for us, so the weatherman says. Oooh, I'm not ready, but ready or not. . .

Love that you've started your Christmas shopping! You have inspired me:)

And I love that it's slippers and robe weather, too, something positive in the arrival of winter.

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

Sounds like winter weather has arrived in your corner of the world. It's chilly here and I'm enjoying wearing sweats and socks in the house. (Christmas shopping...what's that?!) Have a great week ahead.

Brenda said...

Our weather just turned cold this week and its feeling kind of cozy in our house! We turned our heater on for the first time today :)

Annette {This Simple Home} said...

So glad for the warmth of our home...and it's still mild here!

I'm a tad jealous about your cd's! What a blessing!! Hand-picked music is awesome!

snowbird said...

I'm shivering thinking of your storm! Glad all are safe and warm.

I feel I really should start my Christmas shopping now! Lovely post.xxxxx