Monday, October 01, 2012

Simple Woman's Daybook 10/01/12

I'm joining in with other bloggers at the Simple Woman's Daybook.


Outside my window... it's just getting to be light out.  I'm now getting up in the dark every morning.  Which is tough.  It's cold outside but supposed to be a hot day.  Leaves are just beginning to fall which is a little late this year. 

I am thinking... I hate getting up in the dark.  It's hard to get going in the morning.

I am thankful... for mild and warm days so that I can take the dayhome kids outside while the playroom and craft room are under renovation.

In the kitchen...  maple pork loin, firecracker drumsticks, beef stew, lasagna

I am creating... a new space in my closet for some shoes

I am going... back to the dentist to get a root canal finished.  So nice not to live with almost constant toothache

I am wondering... why I feel guilty when something like an expensive root canal is called for on my part but don't think twice about the expense when other family members need it.  I have issues.

I am reading... almost done "Wherever Grace is Needed" and will be starting "Maggie" by Charles Martin this week.

I am hoping... I can get the basement back together for Thanksgiving company this weekend.

I am looking forward to... a break from renovations

I am learning... I need to relax and go with the flow more rather than stressing so much because things are not according to routine.  Hard stuff for me.  I like my routine especially when it comes to dayhome.

Around the house... the chaos has moved into the basement.  Sofa bed arrives Thursday

I am pondering... the messages on the kingdom of God that we have been hearing at church over the last month

A favorite quote for today... 

One of my favorite things... spicy fall scented candles

A few plans for the rest of the week... dentist, thanksgiving dinner shopping, prepare rooms for Oldest coming home for the weekend, clean downstairs and prepare it for her guest.

A peek into my day...


ellen b. said...

I'm always a little surprised that Thanksgiving comes in October for Canada. Hope the basement tidying goes well!

Barbara H. said...

The weather has been wonderfully pleasant here, too, though rainy today.

I can get very frustrated when my plans for the day go awry. I'm not much of a go with the flow person, but sometimes it really is needed. It's funny, I can trust that big major trials and disruptions are allowed by the Lord, but for some reason that's harder to do with the little things.

Faith said...

I'm like you, Susanne...i like my days to go according to MY plan....often forgetting that sometimes God has other ideas :D
I'm also finishing up the 2nd book on my Reading CHallenge list....It's even more riveting than the one I just did a post about! That book Wherever Grace is Needed looks like something I would like! yet another one to go on my "must read" list :)
I am posting today about things around my home but hope to get to the simple woman tomorrow perhaps....enjoy the evening!

Karen said...

That is such a cute picture :) Our cat used to like to ride around in my daughter's doll stroller. I enjoyed reading your daybook. I hope you have a wonderful week--even though you have to go to the dentist! Karen

Love Bears All Things said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your guest and your daughter being home.
I like the author, Charles Martin, haven't read the one you mentioned...I know how you feel about the expense of the dental work..I've spent a fortune on my mouth, the last was 6 implants, but how could I eat without teeth, and I did look at alternatives but they wouldn't work for me...I think about what we could have done with that money, sometimes.
Have a good week,
Mama Bear

Mom24 said...

I have issues too. I always feel guilty about things like that that concern me, but I would never think like that about my family. Ugh.

Exciting to be renovating the craft and dayhome area. Go you!

Hope your Thanksgiving is wonderful. Enjoy having your oldest home, hope your others will be there as well.

Your dinners sound wonderful!

Doylene Brents said...

Your young adult children sound great. I've read a few of your books on your list. I'm a new follower from A Simple Womans Daybook. Hope to read your next one.