Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday's Fave Five #206

Hello!  It's Friday and I'm excited to be back at FFF.  I've missed you all and I totally missed reading all your favorites from last week.  It's been a crazy busy week this last week.  I haven't even had a chance to wind down from holidays and I was right back to work.  And on top of that I've been unloading kitchen cupboards and trying to find where to temporarily put everything.  Hubby's been tearing out the old cupboards and fixing the walls in readiness of the new ones.  While he's doing that I've been trying to amuse and feed the dayhome kids without a kitchen.  It's been....interesting.  Yes, we shall use the word interesting. But moving back to FFF,  here's guidelines if you need them.  

1.  Of course, family holidays are at the top of my list for the last week.  I'll never take for granted that my grown kids still enjoying come with us on a holiday.  We went back to beautiful Okanagan Valley, made the city of Kelowna home base and went adventuring out from there.  Beautiful, beautiful area.  I can't get enough of it.

2.  Biking the Kettle Valley Trestles.  What an incredible ride.  A brutal forestry road drive of 8 kms brings us to these amazing railway trestles that you can now hike and bike over.  We really wanted to bike it, because we like biking and because we wanted to go all 24 kms (12 kms each way).  So glad we did.

The views were stunning.  That's the city of Kelowna in the valley in the background.

Trestles we'd already passed over.

One of the longer curved trestles.

One of several tunnels.

And yes, we are those people that can't leave the dog behind.  And why yes, that is a baby carrier he is in.  He loved every minute and didn't protest once.  Actually the hotel won't let you leave a pet behind for so long when you're so far away and it was too hot to leave him in the car so we had to get creative if we wanted to bike it.

How else could I get this great shot of best friends.

3.  Ziplining in Peachland.  Whoo hoo, I did it.  On the highest zipline in north America, third highest in the world.  So much fun!  I'd do it again in a minute.

I was a tad nervous on the first one.  Can you tell?

But I stepped off and did it.  Proof right here.

4.  Beach time.  Visited our favorite beach in Summerland.  Soaked up some sun, water and read almost 3 books over the holiday.  Perfect!

5.  Finding an awesome little family restaurant.  Part of the fun of holidaying is all the eating out.  I'm just being honest here  It's a favorite thing to do as a family.  We stopped along the highway after ziplining just outside of Peachland at this cute little restaurant that we've passed by every time we visit the Okanagan.  It's right on the highway with the lake right in front of them.  English pub food the sign said so we gave it a try.  Oh my goodness.  What a hidden treasure.  We ate on the patio, the owner even let us take the dog out there, one table was just finishing up and didn't mind. My oldest & I ordered spinach, mushroom and brie pie, Youngest ordered chicken, leek, tarragon pie, son ordered Pigs wings, and Hubby ordered fish and chips.  Everything was absolutely delicious.  We went back the next day after the beach because we just had to try their awesome sounding burgers.  And we weren't disappointed.  Yummy.  I noticed the menu is a bit different on the link, more English stuff like lamb in the shepard's pie, not beef, and more burger choices but you get the idea.  

update:  Here's what Pig's Wings are, from a link on the internet.  I didn't take a pic cause my camera was in the car.

And I haven't even mentioned going to the orchards, eating enough peaches to feed a small country, shopping, walking and enjoying quiet down time at the hotel while the kids made good use of the indoor and outdoor pools.  Sigh.  I love holidays when we can get away somewhere.

What have been your favorites this week?  Please link on if you do an FFF post!


nikkipolani said...

Welcome back to FFF! What fun your week has been full of scrumptious food and amazing views and a zipline trip! Can't wait to see how your kitchen cupboards turn out.

Gattina said...

It seems that you had very nice holidays and a lot of fun ! The place looks beautiful !
Poor girl, hope your kitchen is fixed soon, feeding kids without a kitchen must be a feat !

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

What beautiful pictures! Looks like a breathtakingly lovely place. And sounds like you had a wonderful time!

Remember, we want to see a picture of that finished kitchen... Have a great week ahead.

Faith said...

SUSANNE!!!!! Now I REALLY need to talk Dave into getting us out in your neck of the woods!!! I WANNA BIKE THOSE TRAILS! the scenery is amazing...great job with your photos! I loved reading all about your holiday week....that little restaurant is one that I KNOW my family would like..Dave especially as he misses British food (he worked in England for several months back in 1997) GOod luck with the kitchen makeover and don't forget to post pics!! :)

Ps, can you email me the photo editing site you use?? i am trying to find a GOOD (free) one!!

Kathie said...

Wow Susanne - I just watched the video of you on the zipline! way to go!! We saw one in NFLD but didn't work up the courage to try it that time. But Roger says he's going to - and me? well I'll see - it does like fun!

So glad you had a lovely vacation with your family - it is a gift to have enjoy time with your grown children. One of the rewards of raising them - they become your friends. What a blessing!

Hope you survive your cupboardless week - looking forward to the remake pictures!

Barbara H. said...

Wow! Sounds like an absolutely wonderful holiday week. So glad all the kids could be there. Looks like it was a great combination of activities and restfulness.

I can't imagine feeding a house full of kids with the kitchen not functional. I hope the renovations go quickly without complications.

Jerralea said...

I can't believe you did the zipline! No way, for me; I have this fear of heights ....

In every other way your holiday sounds perfect.

One question: what are Pigs Wings?

Brenda said...

Looks like a wonderful holiday, good for you for zip lining! I don't know that I would. . . I love hearing about that little place you went to eat, special times. And I love that the name of the town is Peachland, sounds happy!

Sandy@JesusandDark Choc said...

Oh my goodness Susanne, that sounds like our kind of vacation!!! We always like an adventure and being outside. I loved the pics and the go girl! :) And the book from It's a Wonderful Life sounds really good. I have been so out of touch with books as of late, but that one sounds interesting with so many good points. Thanks for the tip!

Carrie said...

Biking the trestles looks like SUCH fun! Totally laughing about the dog in the baby carrier though. :D