Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Moments In Time ~ 06-27-12

It seems like forever since I've done a Moments in Time post.  Where on earth has the time slipped by?  It seems to be going so fast lately and I always seem to be scurrying to catch up to it.  What's that saying:  "Time waits for no man"?  Or woman, I 'll add to that.

Of course, the Younger Girl graduated this spring.  She finished her last exam this week and she is officially done with school.  Now schooling will be her choice, taking the subject she wants.  What an exciting time for her!  Very proud of her.

Son also wrote his exams and has received word that he passed and is now an official EMT.  Now come the decisions of what comes next.  He wants to work a year in the field before he goes for the full Paramedic degree so the choice is experience on an ambulance crew or industrial that pays really well.  He's doing a lot of thinking.  Either way, he has to move far from home.  His Grandmother and I are trying not to have fits about it.  We shall miss him terribly.

Note to self:  when wearing that sweater don't sit at that angle for a picture.  Yikes.

This little guy continues to crack me right up.  He's so cute.  Here he crawled under the pillow of his bed and used it as a blanket.  He must have been cold that day.  He didn't crack me up the other day though,  when he jumped the back gate, literally clearing it,  after another dog like he was some Olympic high jump competitor.  Though we were in awe of his jumping skills, we think he's part kangaroo, that was not so cute.

I've made a decision to avoid the library book shelves this summer and start taking a stab at my crazy overflowing book basket.  I think I need prayer.  This is going to be tough.  I am addicted to browsing at the library.  It's a major stress reliever for me.  Don't know how I'll do without that once a week trip.   But as you can see I seriously need to decrease this:

And it has been added to since I took this picture back in March.  This is what happens when your library has a little corner where they sell books for a few dollars each.  I think I might need an intervention.

We've had some crazy weather lately. All of June has been rainy, cloudy and cool.   Southern Alberta and Saskatchewan are, apparently, the place for conditions to spawn tornadoes in all the world.  There's even storm chasers here from the States watching our skies and weather.  Go figure.  Big touch down of a tornado in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan yesterday.  So the tornado watchers got what they were looking for.  We did have a gorgeous sunset the night before .

What's been happening in your world?


Faith said...

well we have had cooler weather too but nice and sunny!! To me, it is perfect June weather to start the summer! I love havingthe windows open and not running the AC.

WOW...your book pile!! I don't buy books unless it's a bible study one or something I REALLY wanna own. Mainly cause my bookshelves are FULL! plus I always spend book money on the girls. they have about 3 bins each of outgrown books that they refuse to part with. basement looks like a library lol. I just took out 3 good books from the library this a.m. I had one hour to browse and I loved it! so those titles will be added to my summer reading list when I'm blogging tomorrow. Good's a perfect summer evening here in NY so I'm gonna go outside on the front porch and READ!

Barbara H. said...

Congratulations to your kids on passing their exams! I know it will be a hard adjustment when your son leaves.

Your dog is cute under his pillow. Yikes about jumping the fence -- hope he doesn't make that a habit!

It's supposed to get in the 100s here today. I am so glad for AC.

ellen b. said...

OK I'm cracking up at your discussion with yourself on camera angles and how to sit. That has so been the subject in my head of so many photos lately...yikes, what was I thinking. :0)
Wow lots of milestones happening in your family. The kids are growing up. It's good to be proud of their accomplishments for sure. Congrats to all!!

nikkipolani said...

Ummm, good luck with that TBR pile... I have a feeling it's never going to get any smaller! Your little part-kangaroo dog is adorable and pretty smart to find a way to be warm in his own bed.

Carrie said...

Congratulations to BOTH of your children on their accomplishments!

That's a nice little stack of books ya got there . . .