Monday, June 25, 2012

Decisions, Decisions

I learned something about myself this weekend.  I learned I am so not a party planner.  It is not enjoyment for me, it is work.  And confusion.  Actually I think I already knew this from my children's birthday party years.   But it all came to light again as my Sis and I went looking for decorations for my Mom's 80th birthday open house.

Have I mentioned I am notorious at not being able to make a decision when it comes to stuff like that?  Well, I am.  So this little trip to the dollar store left me exhausted and with brain ache.  What to get?  What colors?  Her favorite is green.  But everything can't be green. So what should the co-ordinating color be?  I like the purple and yellow best.  But she likes green.  So what goes good with green?  We finally made a decision on the napkins but then there weren't enough of the pattern we knew she'd love, so we had to choose a couple of packages of another pattern.  Colored forks or clear?  What on earth should we do about center pieces for the tables.  We were going to do single stem roses (a favorite of hers)  but the napkins have geraniums (another favorite of hers).  So now what?  We finally settled on these pretty votive candle holders instead.  But then we had to decide if we wanted a mirror under it.   Oh, do we want round or square mirrors?   And did I mention this is an open house so we have no idea how many are coming?  Two and a half hours and 3 dollar stores later I think we finished at least that part.  Cha-ching!

That is until I went to a garden store and realized we probably should have some kind of flower on the cake and beverage table for a centerpiece.  Of course it had to be a geranium.  But should I get a few little tiny pots or a bigger pot with other flowers in it too so she could take it home?  Will the things even be blooming at her open house or will I end up plunking a pot of greenery on the table come the day?    I liked the idea of a bunch of little pots lining the center of the table.  But will they last the two weeks till the open house.  They were looking a little sad as it was.   And what was the color in those napkins again?  And what was our budget again?  Did we have one?  See?   I'm enough to drive my self batty!  The queen of indecision, I am.


Welcome to my insanity.  Oh, and shhhh, it's all a surprise. 


Annette {This Simple Home} said...

Oh, that sounds awful! BUT it will be wonderful however you decorate!

Kathie said...

You need a party planner - I know some girls who thrive on that kind thing. Not me - but I have one dil who loves it. I'm sure your mother and all the guests will have a wonderful time!

Faith said...

"pick me pick me"LOL..seriously....i LOVE Planning parties...I had a blast planning my daughter's grad party last year....then again I began the whole process in March and the party wasn't until her birthday weekend in July! lol...but....I do know friends who like you just can't stand the whole planning thing....I'm guessing it all is going to turn out great....(hint: one candle on each table in the geranium flowers color and just one nice pot of flowers on the cake table....simple is key.

ellen b. said...

Too bad I didn't live closer so you could shop at my house. Simple is good and it's also good to remember that the people are what matter and your mom's enjoyment...
Hope you survive well!!

Marg said...

Let me come by and help you with that. This is the year of planning parties for me...but then I get so tired, I'm kaput.
Anyways the party will work out just are gifted in many ways and hopefully you can also do the things you enjoy.
I've taken a break from blogging because I have been planning to many parties this summer.
But I will be back.