Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Last One

It is done.  My last baby has donned the gown and thrown the hat.  I can't even describe my feelings as I type that.  They are all over the board.  Excitement for her, sadness for me, very proud and bursting at the seams, on the verge of tears all day.   But mostly I just feel old.

It was such a busy weekend with not a chance to catch our breath for even a minute over two days.  And that was just the grad, it didn't count Mother's Day.  It's taken me this long to just feel like I'm functioning and can write something.

 I always find the timing of the graduation so odd.  They really still have at least a month of school and then finals before they are truly done school.  But it is what it is, and celebrate they did.  I wrote a bit about the way we celebrate graduation here.

One of my favorite parts was taking her all dressed up and taking some pictures of her.  The night before grad we tried the dress on, I tacked on the sash (which for a non-sew-er like me was total stress city), and took a couple of pics outside.  You have no idea the stab in my heart these pictures of her on the swing set brought to my heart.  In my present eyes, there she was, beautiful, all dressed up and grown up, but in my mind's eye I saw the little girl who spent hours swinging, climbing and giggling on this very swing set.  Sigh.  Choke.

On grad day after the convocation and the hair appointment, we went to a more scenic spot and I tried to take as many as I could before she melted down.  

We didn't realize until we got home we had forgotten her jewelry.  Oh well, such is life.  

And life is also about enjoying each moment, each stage of life, drawing from each moment every ounce of love and of letting them go to spread their own wings.   And of wearing clashing patterns with your Mother, apparently.



Karen said...

Oh, Susanne, this is just wonderful. It brings tears to my eyes. Your pictures are fantastic. The one on the swing set. . . love it! And sitting on the steps is charming. So nice to see you and your mom, too:) Life is just so full, isn't it?

Carrie said...

What a beautiful dress!

I loved reading this post. What a wildly emotional (in both the good and sad ways!) weekend you've had! No wonder you are just finding the ability to write about it.

And so time keeps marching on (and I watch those of you with older kids and purpose to remember the feelings you are expressing so that I can make the most of today)!

Barbara H. said...

OK, you're making me all teary! Our last one graduates in a few days.

It would have been so nice if you could have taken this week off to recuperate, but I hope you're finding some moments for R&R here and there.

Congratulations to your daughter! And good job, mama!

ellen b. said...

Oh congratulations to your beautiful graduate and to all of you! What fun to take these great photos...

Chris said...

Feeling your joy/sorrow/heart-tearing at the same time, my friend! Our last one graduates tomorrow night, and I can't believe we will have no one in school next year!

Well, high school anyway. College is another story. :)

Congrats to you and Daughter!

Mom24 said...

She looks absolutely beautiful and so do you. Congratulations and (((hugs))). I understand your mixed feelings.

Kathie said...

Congratulations to your girl - she looks gorgeous in her gown! I know exactly how you feel - it's such a bittersweet time. But I'm going to let you in on something - grandchildren don't come til our kids grow up - and oh my goodness - they sure take the sting out of children growing up! So comfort yourself with that!

You made me laugh with your "clashing patterns" comment. :)

Sending a big hug across the country to you!!

Kelli said...

What a beautiful dress! She looks stunning.

Jonathan graduates next month, and I am struggling so much.

Change is good, but still so hard.

Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

Oh my goodness, how is this possible? Congratulations to both of you! She is a beautiful girl!

Annette W. said...

Wow! Your daughter is lovely!

What a sweet and hard weekend for you!


Val said...

Beautiful pics!! She is gorgeous!

nikkipolani said...

Well done, all of you! Love all of your smiles - smiles of excitement and anticipation.

Laura said...

What a beautiful dress for a beautiful girl. The swing set picture made me teary as well knowing I only have a few short years until my own daughter leaves the nest. Thanks for sharing with us :)