Wednesday, May 02, 2012

I have approximately 1.3 minutes to write a post.  What's been happening here.  Well...

Church capital campaign off to a great start.
   ...raising money for a renovation is exciting and scary and work
Study group wrapped up the last book 2 weeks ago
   ...still haven't decided what to do next
Been driving around with my Younger Girl so she can get lots of practice
   ...out of my three she is the one I've been least nervous with
   ...driving her Smart car is FUN!
So tired lately, going for a blood test this Saturday
   ...fasting NOT FUN!
Booked my daughter into driver training
   ...on same day as youth highway clean up
   ...I'm cooking the lunch to make up for her spot
   ...yikes like I'm not busy enough
Gonna see my Oldest Girl dance in competition this weekend excited
   ...she won 3 awards for her choreography in her last competition
   ...proud mama
Screaming baby screaming again
   ...Sigh I think I'm getting too old for my job



Mom24 said...

I KNOW I'm too old for this job, if only there was another way to make the money I need to meet my family's needs. I hope you start feeling more energetic soon.

Congrats to your daughter on her dance awards and to your youngest tackling driving. I'm hopeful that my oldest daughter is finally ready to tackle driving this summer, she's 20, it's past time already, it's an important life skill where we live.

Good luck with the capital campaign, they are a lot of work, but it can be so rewarding to see it all come together.

Thinking of you.

Trish said...

Fun post!

I am in a book study right now on The 5 Dreams of Every Woman by Sharon Jaynes. It's quite good and has been a real blessing.

Faith said...

Yay for dance shows and cool cars!! BOO to the tired feeling.....I"m now on megadoses of Vitamin D as the blood work showed my levels were LOW!! um...maybe cause there's been not alot of sun lately?? lol.....good luck, keep us posted and boo to screaming infants.....i know one thing. I am VERY ready to say goodbye to this particular classroom this year and say hello to summer vacation! 37 more days of school!!

Barbara H. said...

You packed a lot in 1.3 minutes! Hope the dance competition goes well and the baby stops screaming.