Monday, April 16, 2012

Simple Woman Daybook 04/16/12

Joining in to journal with The Simple Woman's Daybook today.


Outside my window... it's a tad on the chilly side sitting at just below freezing.  We had a big spring snow on Saturday.  It's all my fault because I packed away all my winter stuff last week.

I am thinking... I'm not really thinking.  I just woke up and have only had one sip of coffee so my brain has not kicked into gear yet.

I am thankful... that my oldest daughter arrived back to her city safely after coming home for an Easter visit.

In the kitchen... I am cooking out of Taste of Home Meals on a Dime.  I borrowed it from the library and wanted to try a few things before I plunk down the money for it.

I am creating... a to-do list for spring cleaning

I am going... to a movie tonight with the lady's group in celebration of finishing off our study book.

I am wondering... what movie we should see.  Not a lot of really good stuff to spend money on.  Anyone see   "the Vow"?  Is it any good?

I am reading... "Need You Now" by Beth Wiseman.

I am hoping... my dayhome fills up again soon!

I am looking forward to... a week where I don't have to run around like a chicken with my head cut off

I am learning... to let God do the work instead of trying to nag the goal into being.  A very hard lesson for me.

Around the house... hubby just put up the back splash around the sink in the bathroom.  Loooove it!  Now it just needs grout and caulk and voila, my bathroom will be done.

I am pondering... faith and God's provision

A favorite quote for today... "In the desert God changes us and removes things that hinder us.  He forces us to draw deep upon His grace.  The desert is only a season in our life.  When He has accomplished what He wants in our lives in the desert, He will bring us out".   -Os Hillman

One of my favorite things... walks around lakes in different neighborhoods

A few plans for the rest of the week... not too much on my plate this week, thank goodness.  Last try on of the Youngest's grad dress to make sure it doesn't need any altering, finding a pair of shoes and necklace to match with it



Softie said...

I personally thought the vow was great. If you like love stories I think it is probably safe to say you would enjoy it.

Barbara H. said...

Had to smile at the snow coming after you put your winter things away. Hope you left out a sweater!

My youngest just brought home his cap and gown last week. Such mixed emotions. I've got to work on graduation announcements this week.

Thanks for your comments on The Week in Words. :-)

Mom24 said...

I hope your dayhome not being full is not too stressful for you. I know what that can be like. I love to check cookbooks out of the library before I buy them, I've bought so many that I didn't end up liking.

Letting God do the occurs to me that that is so easy to say, so important to do, and yet so, so hard. Good luck.

Jerralea said...

So, you're the one that caused another round of cool weather? :)

I've been wanting to put up my sweaters but figured if I did, I'd need them. I guess we have the same powers.

It's definitely had to see that last one graduate. I just went through that last year ...

Faith said...

well today it feels like JULY here in my part of New York! it is 88 F!!!! A little too warm for me this early...but here's a breeze. I love the quote you have here....and yay for movie nites. There's nothing i really wanna see which is good since most movies around here are $13. which is ridiculous if you ask me!! lol...thanks for your comments on my marriage and money post...i will pray you get more dayhome kids!!

Carrie said...

That'll teach you to pack away your winter clothes!

Oh, I do hope your dayhome fills up again. And that you have a relaxing-ish sort of week in the meantime!

Karen said...

Another graduation, how exciting! And a new bathroom. . . that is really exciting. I would love to redo ours.

I like what you wrote for "I am learning. . ." and nagging a goal into being. I need to let go of the nagging, too. So hard.