Wednesday, February 29, 2012

It's the whole picture that really tells the story

The other day I figured it was time to go through the camera and sort through the pictures, make some room on the memory card.  I found this picture of my cute furball I forgot I had taken.  (The same cute furball who chewed up the bottom of my coffee table right under our noses with his chewy 1 foot away.   He's just lucky he's so dang cute).

Anyway, as I was looking at this picture with a critical eye trying to decide if it was a keeper or not.  Whether a cropping would make it better.  A boost or a frame.   It's not a bad pic.  A nice memory keeper of a cutie.  Nothing wrong with the pic.

Upon closer examination, I noticed there was something a little unusual.  It totally slipped by me at first.  But it shouldn't have been surprising as this kind of thing regularly seems to show up in our photos.  So I tried to bring in a bit of contrast and color changing.

Hmmm, still something just unusual.  So then I tried a little special effects but the pixalating was a little strong.

But wait!  There it was.  The thing that was trying to shout out at me.  The thing that didn't belong in the picture.  The unusual that isn't so unusual around here.  With a little cropping and sharpening and clarity it brought it into focus.

Welcome to my photography world.

This post brought to you by the wonders of Picnik.  Which is closing it's virtual doors in April.  The thought of which has sent me into a state of grieving and near hyperventilating  panic.  I do not handle change well.  I had gotten know this site so well and could navigate it like nobody's business.  It was set up perfectly for the tecnologically unadvanced such as myself.   Anyone got any ideas of another photo editing site that is as easy to use as Picnik?  I will miss my editing friend dearly.  It made my pictures look good without stressing me out.  Why do the good ones always go way too early?  Sigh.



Barbara H. said...

That's really funny. Once I got to the last photo, then I could see it clearly in the others, but I didn't notice it at first either.

ellen b. said...

change in cameras and on the internet are the hardest for me. I hope you find another easy to use picture place!

Annette {This Simple Home} said...

I need another Picnik, too. I heard Gimp is good...

Faith said...

Well I HATE GIMP!!! we have it on one of our desktops and it is just AWFUL to navigate! I thought if we had a picnik account it was going to go right to google plus. did i misunderstand?? I don't know anything about google plus but am assuming since picnik mentioned them they must be offering a photo editing thingy? my oldest LOVES photoshop but she needs it for graphic's pricey!!

great pics by the way..and yup..i'm panicking a bit too!

Karen said...

That's funny! And truly a lovely picture of your dog!

I emailed you about Picasa. I can't say I love it, but it's what I've gotten used to and I hate change, too. It drives me crazy as far as sorting photos, so I do that separately.

nikkipolani said...

Now if you had the new Lytro camera, you could take the photo first and focus after... cool, huh?

Michelle said...

Here you go ladies a blog post with links to about 16? I think I like Be Funky ..