Thursday, February 09, 2012

Is there a support group for this?

There's something going on in the Living to Tell household.

 In fact, it's happening in the dark confines of the closet floor of a certain member of the Living to Tell household.  Who shall remain nameless to protect the (not so) innocent.

The books!  They are breeding!  They have left the confines of their home and are piling at an alarming rate!  At the rate they are going, I'm either going to have to separate the boys from the girls or buy a house with walk in closets.

Laura, I tried.  I really, really tried to give the To Be Read books boundaries.  I bought them a beautiful, fairly larger basket they can call all their own.  I lectured them on sticking to the boundaries.  I put them behind closed doors.   But they have a mind of their own, it seems. They are a rebellious bunch.

 I cannot read them fast enough.  Of course, it doesn't help that I keep taking books out of the library when I know I have these to read.  Or buying them at the library.  Or ordering more books to review.  Or taking another half dozen from a friend when she offered to let me raid her bins.   But shhh.  Nobody need to know that.

It's a sickness I tell ya!    Cannot. stop!

Sigh.  Last night, after "returning" movies to the library, I just added another to the pile and have half a dozen in another basket.  Sigh.  Maybe this non-resolution gal should have made some kind of New Year's resolution.



Chris said...

ReadAnon? LibrAnon? I think I could join those groups happily!

I keep checking out new Kindle books, which helps with the clutter, but don't have time to read them before they have to be "returned" to Amazon.


It IS a disease. :)

Carrie said...

;D Well, if you ever do find a cure, you just let me know what it is!

ellen b. said...

I think you've completed the first step in recovery...showing us the closet. :0)

Barbara H. said...

LOL -- I think I have a similar ailment.

Linda said...

My name is Linda, and I'm a "bookaholic." You have described me perfectly Susanne. Once I made the mistake of counting the "to read" pile and nearly passed out when I realized it was over 100! However, this minor blip didn't keep me from buying more. And now I have a kindle!!! There is no hope!

Laura said... make me laugh girlfriend! I think it's safe to say that you really love books :) So how about this for a solution...I can see you have some space there in your closet so I'm going to recommend that rather than fight it you add a small bookshelf there instead for all your books. That way you can enjoy seeing them all lined up and neat calling out to you to be read. What do you think about that?

nikkipolani said...

Oh my. I'm afraid I can't help. My only suggestion would be to start building your home addition now while you can still get through the house.

Sky said...

Hi, my name is Sky and I am a bookaholic. My books breed too! I haven't found a solution... books make me happy!

Annette Whipple said...

No cure...just support (and enabling) from your blogging friends!