Monday, January 16, 2012

Menu Plan Monday

It has gone from record setting warm weather to feeling like we've been plunged into the arctic around here.  Virtually overnight.  No such thing as slowing easing into the cold.  Nope.  Just a shocking plunge.   Today it is -22*C (-8*F).  Brrr.  So my mind is thinking a lot along the soup, casserole and comfort food lines for this weeks menu.

Monday:  crockpot maple ham (didn't happen last week),  scalloped potatoes, brocolli cauliflower mix

Tuesday:  crockpot chicken stew, buns

Wednesday:  Serbian Ground Beef, salad

Thursday:  slowcooker beef and gravy, rice, peas

Friday:  leftover buffet

Saturday:  open

Sunday:  40 clove garlic chicken (family fave & my most searched post), herbed noodles, baby carrots

Hopefully this menu will warm us from the inside out!

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ellen b. said...

I'll be over for the leftover buffet!

Karen said...

Boy, this all sounds so good! I really need to get back to planning my menus for a week at a time. The holidays did me in, and I'm still not back on track!

Sandy@Jesus and Dark Choc said...

Sounds like our kind of cooking!! We love maple ham and scalloped potatoes.
I need to try to be more organized with meals...but it's hard with the kids coming and going so much. :) Nice to catch up with your blog!!