Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday's Fave Five #174

Hi everyone!  Welcome to Friday's Fave Five.   It's been a frosty week around these parts but there is still lots to be thankful for.  Please join us as we look for our blessings in our weeks, whether the week was hard or easy.  It changes our attitude and outlook as we find those small blessings that carry us through.  If you've never done a Fave Five post, there's some guidelines here.  Then just join right on in!

1.  Tomorrow's forecast.  Around here they say if you don't like the weather, just wait a minute.  And as overnight as this plunge into the deep freeze was for this last week, the forecast is going from -24*C (-11*F)       to a balmy 5*C (41*F) by tomorrow morning.

2.  Cars that started in the deep freeze.  Everybody's cars here started with no problems all week long.  WITHOUT being plugged in!  Now that is a huge blessing!  Nothing more frustrating than having to be to work or school and one's car won't start.  Everyone got where they needed to be right on time!

3.  Orange juice.  The not from concentrate juice you find in bottles in the dairy coolers.  It's been going down really good this week as I've been fighting different variations of a cold since before Christmas.  I usually hardly ever get sick, but this year it's been a stinker to get rid of.  Probably because up until this week the nasty germs haven't had a good freeze to kill them off.  ;v)

photo courtest of Freefoto

4.  My slow cooker.  How I love this appliance.  I think I've used it 3 times already this week.  So easy to just throw the ingredients in and forget about it until supper time and then have a yummy home cooked dinner all ready to go.

5.  Cozy slippers.  Given to me for my birthday by my 17 year old.  So wonderful this week when it's been so cold.  Mine are a much nicer purplely burgundy color.  But you get the idea  of coziness!

  What have been your favorites from your week?  Don't forget to sign your URL from your post and not your home page onto the Mr. Linky so that others can find your FFF easily!  Have a great weekend everyone!                                                                                                                                                                  


Willow said...

Wow, that's COLD! Your weather certainly has been crazy. One winter in IL, we experienced -27F and that was plenty cold for me. I'd ask to borrow those cozy slippers but you need them more than I do :)

Susan@FruitfulWords said...

I love fresh squeezed oj. There really is a taste difference. I've been having some every morning in my green smoothie. So yummy. Get better soon - okay?

Slow cookers are really a cook's best friend. Now that you've reminded me, I need to get mine out and use it. The next 3 days will be especially busy ones!

Your weather has been crazy, Here's hoping your weather will find its balance. :)

Karyn said...

Cars that start in this weather is always a blessing - ESPECIALLY when they aren't plugged in!

For me, a vehicle that would stay running would be enough.

I have those same slippers! Love them!

Hope you're sending some of that warm air up our way!

Gattina said...

That's really strange ! I also had a cold 3 weeks before Christmas and couldn't get rid of it ! Usually I seldom have a cold ! But with this up and down boucing weather it's no wonder !

kari said...

I like the slippers and your weather sound pretty cold.
Fresh OJ is great and I hope it helps you get rid of the cold.

Happy Weekend.

LivingforGod said...

I love fuzzy socks and cozy slippers :). Stay warm and stay healthy!

Have a blessed weekend in the Lord!

Hope said...

I use my slow cooker quite often. I LOVE it!! I also love cozy slippers. Our temps have been frigid this week , too, and I am also thankful for the cars starting right up!! Have another great week : )

Faith said...

I just LOVE cozy slippers and in fact have my fleece ones on right now before heading out to work! And yay for Crock pots!! I use mine ALOT during the week..and even on the weekends sometimes! in fact, for Sunday dinner I am making slow cooked French Dip Sandwiches....mmmmm......I like OJ too but usually drink Grapefruit. have a great weekend Susanne!

Kathie said...

Hope your cold clears up Susanne. As Gatina says - the up and down weather wouldn't be helping.

It's pretty chilly here too - minus 8C. but a lovely,sunny morning so I'm not complaining!

Cosy slippers - I think I need to find a pair. Mine are getting worn. You're my fashion inspiration - lol - I bought pjs last week and they are so cosy!

Happy weekend! and thanks again for hosting us every week!


Mom24 said...

Hope you're feeling better soon. I love OJ on ice when I'm not feeling well. I love my slippers too!

Glad you're getting at least a bit of a warm up.

I don't have a lot of crockpot recipes I love, but the ones I do have are priceless.

I just finished the Sara Evans book you recommended. I'm excited to read the next one and see what happens. Thank you for the review.

Barbara H. said...

I remember when I was first married thinking it was such a luxury to have orange juice. For some reason we rarely had it when I was growing up. I hate starting mornings without it now.

Hope that cold finally goes away!

I need to find more crockpot recipes.

Glad all the cars started ok in all the weather!

ellen b. said...

I brrr you. I'm glad you are warming up today if you can call that warm. Crockpots, slippers and cars that start when they are suppose to...priceless! Have a great weekend.

nikkipolani said...

Wow. You are going to be living in those cozy slippers! I agree -- hurray for slow-cookers. Just used mine to make dinner last night.

Karen said...

My crockpot is my friend.

I'm not a big fan of orange juice, but when I'm fighting a cold, it feels like I'm doing the "right thing."

I hope you warm up soon. I can't imagine temps that cold!

Jerralea said...

I've used my crockpot twice this week, myself. I love my crockpots! (I think I have talked about them before, LOL)

Hurrah for cozy slippers and cars that start - something I hope we all have!

Lisa notes... said...

I'm not even sure what it means to "plug a car in." ha. I'm not a cold weather gal. Glad things are "warming" up for you to 41. :-)

Hope you feel better soon!

Annette W. said...

Where we live now it rarely drops into single people think 30 degrees is cold...

Feel better!

kara said...

I love my slow cooker as well. In fact I'm going to be making a veggie/polenta casserole in it this week sometime. And, here in New England warm slippers are a must at this time of year.

Our Village is a Little Different said...

Oh, my! that's cold! I'm glad it warmed up a little bit for you, and I hope that you can finally kick the nasty bug you've had for so long. I love your slippers! They definitely look cozy!

We're waiting on 5-8 inches of snow, and I have planned a slow cooker dish for tomorrow. Perfect for a wintry day.

Thank you, and have a wonderful week.

Brenda said...

So sorry you have been ill! Seems like winter often brings those long lasting viruses.

Slow cooker meals and warm slippers sound SO cozy!

elizabeth said...

Living in Texas it is just so hard to imagine that cold!!! I do hope you feel better soon, though it sounds like the combination of oj and crockpot should definitely help!

Melanie said...

I'm with Lisa on the car pluggin in thing, hahahaa. Love the cozy slippers!!! I love orange juice but it bothers my acid reflux : (

Carrie said...

Cozy slippers! AMEN! =) I bought a new pair at the beginning of the winter and I've already worn a hole in them. I'm not sure what that says, actually. Either I wear them too much or they weren't well made. They're keeping my feet warm though!

Melanie @ This Ain't New York said...

When we were in NM, husband would put his drink outside to get cold. It may burst at your house! That is cold.