Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Book Tour ~ Loved Lifted Me

"Love Lifted Me" by Sara Evans with Rachel Hauck

Publisher's Summary:
Jade never knew happily-ever-after would be this messy, loud . . . delicious.

Jade Benson embraces unexpected motherhood when her husband Max gains custody of his young son. As she and Max work out their newly formed family, an invitation to coach Texas high school football sends them on a journey.

Then a stranger reveals a painful secret, and Jade faces her hardest challenge yet. When she surrenders her heart to God and to her husband, Jade discovers the joy of love lifting her above her fears.

My Thoughts:  This is the third installment in the Songbird series and while I haven't read the first one I really liked the second one (reviewed here).  Max and Jade's story continues as Max returns from rehab.  With much to make amends for, he and Jade start to try to rebuild their family which now includes Max's son whom Jade as been raising as her own while Max was at rehab.  Their story was believable as they try to work out the difficulties of trust issues that come with addiction, and as they face secrets again trying to come into their lives and blow them apart, even while trying to know and follow where they feel is God leading them.  It was easy to cheer for them and feel happy for their triumphs even while feeling your heart sink with their trials and mistakes.  This was one of those stories that didn't mince on difficulties but at the same time left the reader feeling uplifted.  Definite thumbs up in my opinion.

Thanks to Booksneeze for providing the book free of charge for my honest review.  All opinions expressed are fully my own.

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Sandra said...

Sounds good. I'm actually reading Softly and Tenderly by Sara Evans and Rachel Hauck for a review for Booksneeze too LOL

Susanne said...

Sandra: Hope this review didn't give away any of the story for you! :v}

Mom24 said...

Just put the second one on reserve at the library, unfortunately they don't carry the first one and the third one isn't in the system yet. It sounds really good. Thanks for the review.

Faith said...

sounds great!! I just finished one written (some of it) by an autistic 13 yr old who cannot speak!! But..she writes poetry, beautiful poetry.....I'm gonna try to do the book review the same evening I do the Fave Five (combining them)....hopefully tomorrow evening will not be hectic so I can do the post! it was just amazing! (the book)

Melanie said...

Thank you for sharing this. I'd love to read this book : )