Monday, October 10, 2011

Now how did that happen?

Sent this text the Sunday morning I was making Thanksgiving dinner:

"Did you at some point make yourself a peanut butter and honey sandwich or toast and dip the same knife into both?  There is peanut butter in the honey so the whole container is contaminated for Auntie Liz and now I can't make Honey Buttered Carrots for Thanksgiving dinner and she won't be able to have tea."

(A little background:  My sis is extremely allergic to peanuts and my kids have grown up knowing to not use a knife or spoon that has first gone into the peanut butter in another product.  So it was a little shocking to find smudges of peanut butter in the honey).

The text was sent to my son.

He got it.

So did my daughter's violin instructor.


1 comment:

ellen b. said...

Oh dear. I think the butler did it. Sorry couldn't help myself...
I think someone needs to keep a spare honey jar (unopened) in the cupboard...