Thursday, October 20, 2011

Moments in Time

The days have been melting into each other around here for the last couple of weeks.  Before I know it one day has ended and another begun.  And I realize I haven't posted.  Yet again.  What is keeping me so darn busy?  Just the to day stuff around here, I guess.  So I thought maybe I should just start keeping record of that.  Maybe I'm nuts but it sure would help me with knowing where my days are hiding.

Last Friday, new rug was installed in the living room and hallway.  I Loooove it.  We had been deliberating on the next major money purchase.   Our rugs desperately needed replacing, our kitchen lino needs replacing, our van has a dent in the side from me running into the garage door a few winters ago that needs fixing.   Just to mention a few.  Unexpectedly a good deal came up on carpet I loved so that helped make that decision.

So out with the stained, worn, snagged, well trampled by many, many  little feet, berber.

In with the new dirt hiding, lovely feeling carpet.

And then my 15 year old washer started slowly giving up the ghost. It never rains but it pours.   It's been a faithful servant, working almost daily for that 15+ years.  But now it's getting tired, not being able to spin out the water quite good enough on most cycles so I'm having to respin.   I had to go looking last weekend.  May I just say washer and dryer shopping is a major headache?!  Yikes too many choices, too many features, way  too expensive.  It's exhausting.  All demanding some research at home.  If I'm laying down that kind of moolah, I want to make sure I get the right one.

My son who's studying to be a paramedic has practiced his first IV.  The students practice on each other.  Which makes me weak in the knees to think about.  The rule is for as many practice jabs you make on the others you have to suffer through graciously allow others to make on you.  Ouch.

My duties at church have just stepped up, oh about, 20 notches.  This is my busy time there too.  But being in charge of these boxes is always a joy!

What's kept you guys busy?


ellen b. said...

Your new carpeting looks great! Our whole house needs new flooring. How the heck do we empty it of all that furniture so we can replace it all?! :0) How great that you are putting those boxes together. I love that project!

Carrie said...

The new carpet does look fantastic!

And I'm trying not to think about those IVs.... =P

Barbara H. said...

The new carpet looks great!

As unsettled as ivs make me, I'm glad they practice giving and receiving so they know what it feels like. Most of the time I've had ivs go in fairly well, but man, some people should definitely work on their expertise or find another area to specialize in.

Since we've moved, being farther away from my m-i-l's place and thus having a longer drive each day plus adding 45 minutes or so of exercise have seemed to put a major dent in my time even though they certainly don't take up the whole day. Yet I am not seeming to get much besides the basics done most days.

Faith said...

teaching, ballet, ortho appts, small group ministry leading, special dinner to welcome new staff to the church, and housework. that's been my week. My family room carpet needs replacing BADLY! it is now 16 yr s old. my hubby says wait. ugh.

Mom24 said...

Your carpet does look great! How fun. It must be wonderful. It definitely is always something, isn't it? Good luck deciding on the washer/dryer.

Your son is very brave. :)

Good luck with your church duties. I love Operation Christmas Child. What a fun ministry.

nikkipolani said...

Hurray for new, clean, pretty carpet! I'm with Carrie, wishing I could get that image of IV practicing out of my mind!

Willow said...

Assigning writing compositions, reading those assigned essays and stories. That's kept me plenty busy.