Thursday, September 01, 2011

First Day Insanity

Well that was interesting.  You'd think with all the years of having kids in school I'd be a little more prepared for the first day of school.  And the funny thing, I don't even have to do anything anymore because my last is in grade 12, but somehow that didn't make for any less of a crazy, hectic morning.  And I totally missed getting the first day of school picture .  Now I'll have to cheat and do it when she gets home.

It always takes us awhile to get into some kind of workable routine where my family can get out the door all the while the dayhome kids are arriving.  It's quite the craziness, as my family is trying to reach for shoes and coats while the dayhome parents are trying to get those items off their kids and hung up and invariable my family gets blocked in on the driveway and there's this big juggling act going on with kids and cars and parents.  It's quite the circus in my tiny little entryway.  And all the while I'm trying to smile and not stress that everyone gets where they need to get on time.  Yikes.

But here's to a new year now underway.


MSW Mom Jan said...

Have a great year! I did that for a few years before I went to work out in a school. it makes for a hectic morning but such a rewarding day. Have a wonderful school year!

Faith said...

YES! I remember the woman who watched my youngest had the same thing going on every day...and invariably it was ME the mom who had to move my car....! lol...Happy New School year...I start on Wed back to the classroom (NOT the one I wanted but i'll email you about'll be ok) and my 7th grade ballerina starts in one week from today! See tomorrow for the FFF

nikkipolani said...

You sound quite used to the hub-bub of the first days back on the routine -- the bottleneck at the door and on the driveway... except that your youngest is in 12th grade!