Monday, September 05, 2011

And Speaking of Books

This was a great summer of reading for me.  So far, I've been able to finish nine books in total and hopefully will be adding one more before the official first day of summer.  I've reviewed some of them on this site (here, here,  here , here, and finally, here) for you, but I've gotten a touch behind so for the review of the following, you can scroll down to their respective numbers on my book blog located here under the 2011 reviews.





I really tried to read a variety of stuff this summer.  Nothing too terribly heavy, as it is summer after all.  But looking back over the list, I see that I have 5 out of the nine books that could fit into the historical fiction category.  Oh well.  They were at different time periods and about totally different subjects, so I guess I'll let myself off the hook for that.  Kinda, sorta.  :v)

Now my mind is already starting to play with this coming up in the fall.  

There are just so many books I want to read.  And I can't stay off my library's website and add more to my "For Later" shelves.  Decisions, decisions.  Not to mention the fact that my own book basket in my closet is totally overflowing.  I can't seem to stay away from library's book sales, either, it seems. Or their shelves.   Or the bookstore.  Ahhh, it's an addiction, I tell ya.  But a good one.  Right?  Hello?  But I have a plan for the upcoming challenge for choosing my books.  I'll share that when the Fall Into Reading post goes up.  But I'm curious.  How do you choose your books you want to read?  Do you go to book sites?  Or are you a shelf browser?  Do you randomly buy books, trade books, borrow books or are you deliberate?  If you have overflowing piles how do you choose which ones to read at the that time?  Enquiring minds want to know.


nikkipolani said...

Hey, nothing wrong with reading a pile of historical fiction! How do I choose books? My aunt is forever dropping off books for me to read. Then a friend lends me a whole series. And I subscribe to a couple of blogs that review books in the general genre that I like... All in all, not a very good method of keeping control on the TBR pile, is it.

Barbara H. said...

I never had a TBR list until I started blogging -- most of it is filled with book titles I've seen mentioned by bloggers. Once I discover an author I like, then I like to read the rest of their stuff. I used to browse shelves in the Christian bookstore or library, but haven't done that in a while since my TBR list is so long. But when I do, something interesting usually catches my eye. Deciding what to read next usually comes down to what mood I am in at the time. It's also influenced by what I just read -- if I just finished something "heavy" I may want something light next time, etc.

Carrie said...

Hey! Just read your thoughts on Rasputin's Daughter. I like the way you summarized your cautions. I'm rather glad you ended up reading it so that I could see your thoughts!

Faith said...

well, all of us here in my house love historical fiction..we also rent movies based on historical fiction books we've read (the hiding place, dairy of anne frank, etc). I am currently on book #11 for the summer altho I've only written 9 book reviews i think. When does Fall into Reading begin Susanne?? I usually choose my novels from the best seller list found in our local city paper or by browsing the library shelves of new books. I tend to only buy certain nonfiction ones (chrisian or books I collect like Amish, Adirondacks). If i do buy fiction books they are usually "classics" to pass on to my daughters or future grandchildren. My daughters love to buy books and have so many....some that they've outgrown we have given to younger cousins or to day care centers or church libraries. Happy is my last day of summer vacation (tomorrow technically is but i have stuf to prep for work) so i plan on doing lotsa reading today, especially as it is rainy here. sorry this is so long!

Lisa writes... said...

I mostly choose either through recommendations from fellow book lovers whose opinion I value and/or through reading reviews on amazon. I pay particular attention to the negative reviews though just having a few negative reviews posted doesn't necessarily preclude me from reading the book--in fact, depending on the basis of the reader's dislike, they may even give the needed prompting to go ahead and read the book!

Brenda said...

I look to see what others love and then choose from that. I almost always put books on hold at the library and then just swing by and pick them up. Its a good system because I hardly ever pick up a bad book. I have a list of books I want to read going on my desk top and I just pull from that. Works for me!

Julia said...

Sometimes I read a book based on reviews on blogs, or a friend's recommendation. My favourite way is to browse through Chapters book store reading the summary on the backs of books, then borrow the ones I like through my library!

Sandra said...

Ok I'm stealing some of these book ideas cause you have some really good ones :)