Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Back Tired But Filled to Overflowing

Can someone please tell me how after having 10 days off from work I can be totally exhausted by noon the first day back?  Oy!  This day really kicked me in the backside.  I could easily have had a nap at the same time as the babies in the dayhome.  I guess it could have be one or a combination of several things not the least of which are:

  • my oldest was home for a week
  • I spend every minute I can with her that she lets me when she's here
  • which means I went to bed waaay too late every night for 10 days
  • my hubby is a morning person
  • he did not have 10 days off
  • he still had to go to work each day
  • translation:  I was still being woken up pretty much the same time as usual 'though he tried really hard to stay as quiet as possible
  • my youngest was home after being gone for three weeks
  • I was enjoying her company too
  • my son went camping
  • in bear country
  • in a tent
  • I was trying really hard not to worry and to keep certain scenarios from entering my mind and making a home in my thoughts
But I wouldn't have traded those late nights for anything.  One thing that is nice when my girl comes home is that she just wants to pretty much do nothing.  Her life is so busy that when she is here she really wants peace and rest.  I'm glad her home represents that for her.  I don't make any plans and we just play it by ear.  We spent a lot of time just chatting, reading side by side, soaking up the sun and watching a few episodes of favorite shows.  The only times we "did" anything was we took in Pirates of Caribbean 4, which neither of us had seen, browsed the farmer's market and we went to the lake on Saturday afternoon.  But that was pretty much of the same thing, vegging, reading, chatting, except in a different setting.

So today I'm wiped.  I'm off to bed early.  That is, as soon as I hear from her telling me she made it back safe and sound.


ellen b. said...

So glad you had the 10 days to veg and stay up late and enjoy! I'm with you on the tired part just getting back from California from a busy busy week.

Faith said...

oh susanne, I am SOOO glad you had a great visit with your daughter! and that your other daughter is home safe and sound. almost all of our camping has been done in bear country and we never had major problems. one evening a bear walked right thru our campsite but we were in the tent and he just left...lol...thank the LORD! Oh, coffee coolattas are a frozen slushy kind of drink from dunkin donuts. :)

Jen said...

When I would come home I felt and did the same thing...home means safe, peace and love....I'm glad you enjoyed time with her...:)

Sandy@Jesus and Dark Choc said...

Ha ha how does a mom not worry when her son is camping in bear country!!! Although like Faith said, I do think they pretty much just ignore us humans! Your visit with your daughter sounds great..glad home can be a refuge for her.
Glad you could enjoy hanging with her and be off work!

Christina said...

I am exactly in your spot right now. My 19 year old is home from college and my daughter who is 21 is in from Hawaii. I have been watching shows with them and staying up late chatting. I am exhausted. At my age sleep is a necessity, but like you I wouldn't miss a minute of it. There will be time for sleep when they go back to their lives. For now I will keep enjoying them.

Karen said...

You had 10 days off from one job, but the other job (being a mom) never allows for time off! It sounds like you had such a nice time with your daughter. What a special relationship the two of you have.

Barbara H. said...

Glad you had some relaxing and fun times together! Hope you can get caught up on sleep soon!

Lisa writes... said...

Sounds like the good kind of tired :)

Hope you've found the rest and the catching-up you needed after your long break!