Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Book Review ~ Secrets

I cannot believe I only have one book left to finish on my Spring into Reading list.  This last weekend being very wet and rainy allowed lots of time for reading and I finished #10  out of my pile.

"Secrets" by Robin Jones Gunn  is book 1 in the Glenbrooke Series.   Jessica Morgan arrives in Glenbrooke, a small town to start her life over as a teacher in the high school.  But not only does she want to start fresh but she wants to run away from her old life and forget about it. Changing her identity had seemed like such a good idea but things start to catch up with her as she starts having to cover her tracks.  It seemed so simple when she didn't know the people of Glenbrooke, but as she gets to know them, she finds it harder and harder to be decietful especially when she catches the eye of the local paramedic who has secrets of his own.

This is my first book by this author and in most respects I really enjoyed it.  It was an easy read romance that was clean and heart warming.  The "secrets" intrigued me but when revealed weren't as huge as it was built up to be.  This was the author's first adult novel as she usually writes for a teen audience and in a few details I could sort of tell that, especially in the last sentence that ended the story.  The character of the new principle really mystified me as I felt her negative reactions to the main character, a new teacher in her school, very over the top and vicious.  I couldn't quite believe a new principle would be that unprofessional as laid out in the story and would direct vendettas at a member of their staff almost immediately upon meeting them when in my experience principles try very hard to build unity in their staff.  I thought her actions very immature, quite high school-ish,  and unworthy of her position.  Some of the reactions of the main character also surprised me considering her age was 25 in the story.  That said it was a good story line and a sweet romance.


Barbara H. said...

Robin also wrote the Sisterchicks series for adults -- loved those.

I might keep an eye out for this one, though, as you say, the principle sounds a little odd.

Sandra said...

You got me curious, I want to read this one now...thank you for the review :)