Thursday, March 24, 2011

Cooking Thursday ~ Upside down Pizza

I don't know where this week has gone.  It's Thursday already and I again I haven't posted for 2 days.  The time, it just seems to slip right by me lately.  But it's Cooking Thursday and I wanted to share this recipe I found at  I love this recipe resource.  If you've never checked it out, take a little tour and then sign up for their daily recipe ideas.  Makes menu planning much easier.  Anyway, this recipe is super simple, takes no time whatsoever, and the whole family loved it.  I think it's a recipe that is super simple to play with, adding whatever you like best about pizza.


-1 (10 oz.) pkg. frozen spinach or frozen chopped broccoli, thawed and drained
-2 cups shredded mozzarella
-1 can refrigerated pizza crust
-1 pound ground beef
-1 (26 oz.) 796ml jar smooth tomato basil pasta sauce

Preheat the oven to 375*F.

Brown the ground beef with salt and pepper to taste.  Drain well.  Add pasta sauce and bring to a boil.  Pour the sauce into a 2 quart baking dish.

Top with the broccoli  or spinach, then the cheese.  Cover with the pizza dough stretching to the edges and sealing lightly.

Bake for 20 minutes or until crust is golden.  Cover edges with a bit of foil if they start to get brown too fast.  Let stand before serving.

**recipe notes:  I used fresh broccoli and it was very tasty, but next time I think I will use a spicier sauce, mushrooms, spinach, green peppers, and maybe red onions too.  I'm looking forward to playing around with this.

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ellen b. said...

Looks like a great recipe to play with. I might have to tweak it and try it since I have some of that dough hanging out in the fridge!

Jen said...

Now that looks great! It would be a fun one to mix up a little. I'm also thinking it would be great as a taco pizza as well. OH BOY!!

Faith said...

This DOES Look like a fun recipe to play could use all kinds of veggies!! I'd use pepperoni too :) Did you know I started a recipe blog? You can get to it by the other one....just look in the sidebar. your email..thanks...NOPE...haven't heard that controversy AT ALL....i kind of like her style...what I see on her blog anyways....and I did see one guy mention what you mentioned to me....Yikes...if that is true that IS kinda unbiblical, huh?? not gonna judge it until i actually read it. I have a friend who has the book and is reading it and she says she hasn't seen anything like that in

Brenda said...

This recipe looks really easy and delicious, thanks!

Christina said...

Now that sounds good.

Anonymous said...

I just checked out Sandra's site -- thanks for the reference! The Cooking Thursday things look great.

Sandra said...

Now that looks really good, and what a fun idea to make with the kids :)