Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday's Fave Five #114

1.  Things that make me laugh.   I cannot stop watching this video.  It cracks me right up.

2.  Things that make me feel special.  Hubby came home bearing this gift for me.  Just because Christmas is coming & and because he knew I'd like it.

3.  Things that make me feel better.  Like a great massage.  I mentioned about a month ago but a good massage is almost a necessity for me.  I've always had upper back/shoulder/neck issues and working with little ones where a day can include a lot of lifting, a good massage can make a huge difference.  I've had pain in my shoulder blade area for about a month, pain that was waking me up at night and that seemed to really show up when I layed down.  My massage lady pinpointed it (believe it or not it was radiating from my rotator cuff area), worked it out and now I feel great.  No more night pain.

4.  Things that relieve everyday stress.  Like a night out with the girls.  We went to a decorating store's Customer Appreciation Night and then to Starbuck's for a coffee.  It was a fun night full of laughs and sharing and just enjoying the company and looking at Christmas decorations.  And I spent all of $4.  Yes, my hubby was very happy, too.

5.  Things that make me feel appreciated.  Like the simple gift of a Starbuck's coffee on the first morning of a winter storm delivered to me by a dayhome parent.  I know I already mentioned it this week here, but the thoughtfulness really touches me and makes me feel really appreciated.

What are your five favorite blessings from your week?


Gattina said...

I too think that a good massage from time to time is really good. When I am in Egypt I always do it, it's so cheap !
My highlight this week was becoming a grandma !

Marg said...

I loved that video...that's almost like the BC Lions last week...but somehow they could not keep the pace.
The simple things of life are the best. I'm learning so much about that.
Have a wonderful week.

Jientje said...

How sweet of your husband to get you this gift! A noght out with a girls, a good massage and some good coffee all sound lovely to me!

hip-chick said...

I love that video! Every time I see something like that or hear one of the clever things my kids say I think of the line from It's a Wonderful World "they'll learn much more than I'll ever know" they are so quick!

Laura said...

That massage sounds wonderful, and I love the thought of a girls' night out!

I agree with Marg. Kudos to the simple things.

Have a great week, Susanne!

cindy said...

I loved your post this week, massage, gifts, fun and funny, girls night out, they all sound like it contributed to a bunch of good feelings.

Oh I so need a massage after this road trip.

Hazel said...

It's christmas already?! Like it's not my favorite time of the year :) I'm excited and I'm happy you mentioned christmas decorations. Glad your night pain is gone. I'll go watch your funny video.

Anonymous said...

What lovely things this week, Susanne! So glad that the massage has been beneficial for you. What a relief!

Liz said...

This is my first time linking up.

Liz said...

By the way, that massage sounds really good about now. I seem to struggle with the same shoulder/neck pain too.

Karyn said...

That video is hilarious! Thanks for sharing it.

Your hubby is so thoughtful. It's the 'little' gifts that are so meaningful, isn't it?

Glad your massage lady found the source of your pain and was able to relieve it!

Have a great weekend....try to stay warm.

Brenda said...

It is wonderful when people bring us gifts and its amazing how almost any little thing will make us feel special. I really like that candle your husband brought you.

A girls night out cures many woes for me :_

Heather said...

So sweet of your hubby!!! Ahhh Starbucks!! Sounds like you have gotten lots of treats this week!

Casondra said...

I am thankful for everything you posted too.

Chris keeps telling me that as soon as I am done with this reconstruction, we NEED to get massages. I'm with him. I think we deserve it! :)

Have a great weekend, Susanne!

Willow said...

I really really really want a massage!

That trick play! I called my husband over to watch it and we both laughed! You can get away with that play only once!

ellen b said...

Those are all great things. That trick play is so darn cool and funny!
I've been craving a massage lately.
Have a great weekend.

Barbara H. said...

I have watched that video several times as well -- too funny and clever! You can only get away with that play once, though!

Glad the massage person helped. You'll have to tell me some time how you go about finding a therapeutic one as opposed to...the other kind. That's one thing that has help me back from trying to find one. But I guess I could ask a doctor's recommendation.

You've had some very thoughtful people in your life this week! The girls' night out sounds lovely.

Sandy@Jesus and Dark Choc said...

I love that trick play, it is so funny, I had seen that video before.
Didn't know about those cool candles, I am going to check into that.
So true about those little things like a cup of coffee can make such a big difference!

Sarah said...

Sounds like you had a very blessed week! Have a great weekend!

Carrie said...

Oh my goodness! That trick play is absolutely ASTOUNDING! That's incredible!

Thanks, as always, for hosting! Hope you have a relaxing weekend.

kari said...

the video made me laugh - a lot! thanks for that.
How sweet for your hubby to come home bearing a gift.
Aren't massages wonderful and simple acts of kindness and thoughtfulness.
You had a great week.
Happy weekend.

Islandsparrow said...

That's one sweet hubby!! And that's quite a football trick. I bet the other team was ticked! The kind of thing you could only do once I'm sure.

You've inspired me to get the girls together for a night out - Starbucks and something else - Michael's for a craft night? I don't really care- I'm sure it will be fun whatever we do!

Love your favourites this week Susanne! And I think I need a massage.

Happy weekend!

Lisa notes... said...

I had to laugh, too. I'd seen that video posted around, but had yet to watch it, so I'm glad your post persuaded me to. Glad you have such a sweet hubby who gives gifts just because he loves you. Isn't that the best? Have a great weekend.

Finding Pam said...

What a great list this week. Our local news showed that play on TV. I think they will be ready for it next time. Ha ha.

Massages are great and I imagine lifting little ones all day does make you hurt. Sorry.

The candle is perfect. What a nice husband.

Nothing restores one like a good cup of coffee and a night out with friends.

Mom24 said...

Really nice. How can I get my hubby to do things like that? So sweet.

Glad the massage helped. I know exactly the pain you're describing, it make you crazy!