Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday Mish Mash. Alternate title: Waiting is for the birds

Where on earth did my weekend go? Oh yeah, it was spent waiting.

And waiting.

And waiting again.

Aaargh. I am so not a good wait-er. First a good chunk of waiting happened at the electronics store waiting to get my daughter's cell phone exchanged. Oy, that process has gotten so complicated. We have a product replacement warranty so that's a good thing, but the crazy paperwork for the employees, not so good. Add to that a very busy Saturday and only one guy manning the cell phone department because the other one was on lunch break, and then top it off with a trainee in the customer service department that, bless him, had to stop frequently and ask the supervisor how to do something who just happened to be helping other customers instead of do the training. It all made for a lot of, you guessed it, waiting. I would have gone to sit in the massage chair they have in the media department but then I would have lost my place. So I waited.

Finally leaving my daughter there, I ran home to get the dog for his vet appointment. Where I waited. And while I waited I questioned the poor new vet's assistant who just got on shift, why on earth I would be scheduled an appointment at the same time the vet had a meeting. Did they not know I had just left my daughter at the electronics store to get here on time and hubby was using his half hour lunch to be there, and the vet wasn't even on location? Whatsup with that? Poor guy looked a little flummoxed as he said he wasn't sure but he just got on shift and was telling me all he knew. I have to laugh at the trapped look on his face. So I waited.

Then I race back to the electronics store to pick up the Younger Daughter who had been waiting patiently for over an hour. Home again, home again, jiggety jig. Or something like that, because when I got there it was more, all together now: waiting. first waiting for hubby to get home because I royally got kuffafled trying to get the new phone activated online. Then I had to wait till Sunday to get on the phone line with an agent 'cause none of us knew what I did wrong.

All is fixed now but I tell ya, this praying for patience thing? It really is trying my patience. Lord, could you please just give me this patience, like, right now?

Silence. And I wait.



Barbara H. said...

You have my sympathies! Those would be really frustrating situations.

Donnetta said...

Patience... one of the more difficult things in life if you ask me.

I've been learning to wait for quite some time now. Not that time makes it any easier.

Glad to hear everything is resolved now!

ellen b. said...

Didn't anyone ever tell you never to pray for patience! :0)
I'm glad you got things resolved and I hope things work smoothly this week!

Finding Pam said...

I have to say that if you pray for patience that God will send you those trials to become more patient. I use to pray for patience as well, then I wised up.LOL! Your experiences sound so much like mine, but now I am good at waiting. The cell phone would be tough.

I am glad that you survived.
Have a great week.

Faith said... your endingto this! man, i have sooooo been there done that! the cell phone thing is just nuts, isn't it??

And yes..I have often prayed "hurry up Lord, I need Patience NOW!"

thanks for your comments on my recent post, too :)