Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Questions Answered #3

There were some awesome questions posed in this post when I asked for them. I've been plugging away answering in one post a week and it's been lots of fun. If you still have a question feel free to put it in the comments.

Karyn, my fellow Albertan blogger, asks:
"I'll add another....can you share with us your journey to faith? What church do you attend?
One more ?? .... What's your favorite worship song?"

Oh, I love to read and listen to people's testimonies. A couple of years ago in blogland there was a "Tour of Testimonies" that I participated in. So I'll just direct you to this, my post, where I shared my journey of faith.

We attend a small, but quickly growing, interdenominational church in our city. We've been going there about 7 years now. I love the smaller church atmosphere, though I know it will not stay like that. We have people coming from every age group which I totally love. I think every age has something to contribute. I'm involved in the "Ladies Only" small group and working in the library. I'm in charge of food pantry for those in need and of "Operation Christmas Child" campaign.

Naming my favorite worship song for me is very difficult. I love so many of them and my favorite today is not necessarily my favorite next week or last week. It depends on what I'm going through at the time and what is touching my heart. I will say though that I don't care for "worship" songs that focus on too much on me as a human factor. The only way I like "me" or "I" in the songs is if it's saying "I will worship" or how much I need Him. I like worship and praise songs that totally focus on God and His attributes and His majesty. I guess if you pin me down I would have to say "Shout to the Lord"

But I think my absolute favorite that just makes me want to drop to my knees every. single. time. is "Agnus Dei"

My favorite worship DVD's that I've constantly turned to are "John Tesh Worship at Red Rocks" and Michael W. Smith Worship (from which the song above is taken and that was filmed at Canada's largest yearly youth conference that my kids have attended).


ellen b. said...

It would be really hard to me to pick a favorite worship song, too. Sounds like you are using your gifts well in your "Body".

Barbara H. said...

I was blessed anew reading your testimony again.

At first I read "quickly" as "quirky." I guess all churches do have their little quirks. :-) I love a mix of all age groups, too.

Finding Pam said...

I enjoyed reading your testimony to Jesus. While I adore these two songs, I also love the old,old classic songs. Amazing Grace, and Little Brown Church in the Vale.

Any song that praises GOd is good by me.

Barbara said...

Amen great testimony for the lord, you definitely have talent, and using it for God's glory, that is great, hugs my friend, Barbara

Faith said...

I am right with you, Susanne! I can't just choose one fave worship song...there are so many good ones....I just love Shout to the Lord altho we haven't done that in church in quite awhile....your testimony blessed me!! Love the things you are involved with at your church. Ours is an interdenominational one as well. but big. sometimes too big...but i love it so....and it's where GOd wants us right now!

Karyn said...

Thanks for sharing, Susanne. God is so good to keep pursuing us when we've walked away, isn't He? Actually, your story encourages me in this respect since I have a son who has 'chosen another path'. You've reminded me that the Father will not give up on him.

The worship songs I love are also the ones that do not focus on "I" or "me" makes me sad that there are so many like that.

The MWS song is wonderful. Classic.

My daughter walked down the aisle to that song - played live, featuring her younger brother's 15 year old best friend on the violin. Powerful.

Sandra said...

Loved reading your testimony Susanne, it's truly inspiring :)

Christina said...

Sounds like you have a great church. That's an important thing. I'm going to go read your testimony now. I too love other peoples stories of their journeys to faith.