Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Question Answered Pt. 2

Keeping on with the questions you asked me on this post!

4W asked me: What has been your most grand adventure to date?
See, you have many questions so far!
Hungarian food? Got any good recipes? (I'll trade you some of my Bachi's Polish recipes :0)

My grandest adventure to date. Wow, that is sort of a hard question. I sometimes think my life is really, really boring with not a whole lot of adventure going on. LOL. To me I guess, it sort of depends on how one defines adventure. I sort of think every part of life is a bit of an adventure. Becoming a Christian has definitely been an adventure as I've walked territory I definitely never thought I'd walk. I've done things I never thought I'd do and I've changed in ways I never thought possible. Marriage is an adventure. And I hope it continues to be. Having children was an adventure I totally loved and having teenagers is an adventure that continuously pops up things I never thought of. LOL. But if you define adventure as going somewhere and doing something then I suppose my grandest adventure has been the Hawaii trip I took with my hubby. I loved every second of it. I did things like swim with fish and have them eat of my hands. Hike in the most beautiful place I never thought I'd see and I was actually a beach bum by a gorgeous ocean for a few days. Being an inland girl all my life that was something totally new.

Gianna asked: Who is your all time favorite author for fiction and non fiction? My kind of question Gianna! I love to read and love books. I love lots of different authors. I tend to go in waves. When I find an author I like I end up reading most of their books almost back to back, putting them on hold at the library. Different types of stories appeal to me at different times in my life. Some of my favorite fiction authors are Angela Hunt, Susan Meissner, and a new one to me this year, Sandra Dallas. But if I have to name an all time favorite I think it would be Francine Rivers. Everyone of her stories have really spoken to me or touched me in some way that left me pondering them for a long time after, my favorite being Redeeming Love. And I know you didn't ask but my all time favorite fiction novel of all time is Ribbon of Years by Robin Lee Hatcher. I have read it over and over and never get tired of the story.

My favorite non-fiction author is a little harder to name. I don't do so well with non-fiction. I start them with great gusto and lose interest not even half way through. But if I have to name one from books I have finished it would be a toss up between Max Lucado and Charles Swindoll.

More questions answered on another day. :v)


ellen b. said...

At this stage of life I'm in I'd have to say that life in general is an adventure, too. All those things you mentioned are full of adventure for sure :0)

Brittanie said...

I have trouble with nonfiction too. I love Angela Hunt and Susan Meisner. I have read some of Francine Rivers including Redemming Love. They were moving. It's nice to learn more about you. :)

Linda said...

Our reading preferences are very much alike Susanne. I try very hard to read "deep" nonfiction books, but I don't do very well. I find I would much rather learn life lessons from great writers telling unforgettable stories. Francine Rivers definitely fits the bill!

Barbara H. said...

I'm not very adventurous myself, so that sounds like a grand adventure to me!

I've only read Robin Lee Hatcher for the past few years, so I have missed that one. Sounds like one I need to loom up!

>96 said...

I realized after I asked about your grandest adventure that it was a very broad question and needed more context. Life is a grande adventure.

Now can we trade recipes? LOL

Faith said...

Susanne! My answer to YOUR question is now up....and guess what? my fave nonfiction Christian author is Max Lucado followed by Gary Chapman.
And...my mom just loaned me Redeeming Love...I am planning on starting it over our little vacation...I cannot wait to get into it...everyone tells me how much I am gonna love it!
and....life in general IS an adventure especially as a Christ follower! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, that's my favorite Francine Rivers book, too. I love its intensity and life lessons. Glad you enjoyed your time in Hawaii - I loved swimming with the fish too :-)