Monday, May 10, 2010

The Week in Words

The Week in Words meme has a new home and it's with Barbara at Stray Thoughts. I know Barbara will enjoy hosting this weekly and will do a fantastic job as she is a huge lover of quotes. Please pop over there and join in sharing your favorite quotes from what you've read in the last week.

Here are the one's that struck me from my readings over the last two weeks (because I missed the one before).

"Life experience would be a great thing to have if you didn't have to experience it first."

quoted by the character Ethan in "the Right Call"
by Kathy Herman
pg. 208
Well, isn't that the truth. LOL.


"Everyone's trying to make me out to be a hero or something. I'm not. I just wanted to do the right thing. I mean, if right is right, it's right all the time, not just when it's convenient."

Ethan again in "the Right Call".
pg. 372
'Nuff said!


"Manners always provide the automatic, the healthy, the kindly, the later-to-be-welcomed restraint. They make it possible to resume the conversation. They allow for the possibility of a civilized exchange of views rather than a childish airing of sentiment. They allow for the fact that what you think first thing in the grumpy and uncaffeinated morning may not be quite the same as what you think an hour later."

Oh, how I agree. My Mom always tried to teach me by remembering my manners, I am saved so many times from blowing my top at something and then regretting it later and it allows me to think how to convey something without losing my cool. I'm still however, working this out on a regular basis. LOL.


Barbara H. said...

Thanks for joining in -- and for the kind words!

#1 is so true!! So well put.

I often hear people in news stories who did something we'd consider to be heroic say something similar to #2.

And #3 as well is a great one. I think good manners used to be more common than they are now! Which is probably why this book is needed.

Janet said...

I think my favorite is #3. I've never thought of manners in that way before -- nor of helping my kids to see them that way!

Karen said...

Love quote #3. I've seen the book around and now I may have to buy it. And read it aloud to my kids;)

ellen b. said...

Love these quotes Susanne! I had to chuckle on that first one...

Wander said...

Oh wow! I love the quotes! They are fantastic!
And I like your blog! I snooped around and read up a little.
I don't want to be cynical either....but some days, eek! I feel like a total jerk!
Stress does that to ya, I suppose!

Melanie @ This Ain't New York said...

The manners quote- love it. Great pics!

Susannah said...

Hooray for manners. (Go Canada!)

I especially love your first quote. So TRUE! :~D

Donnetta said...

Oh I really like #2. Recently I've developed a mantra for myself, "Doing the right thing is rarely the easiest thing."

Right is right all the time regardless of convenience. So true.. and convicting!