Monday, February 08, 2010

Monday Mish Mash

If I were to pick a word that would encapsulate and describe my weekend I would probably have to pick "junk food". I know. Technically that is two words. But it sums it up pretty accurately. I could blame it on the Super Bowl, if I just would have been eating it during that 3 hour period, but it started before that. Much before that. Like a day ahead. It must have been the nachos for supper that kicked it off. (Hey I just made a funny. Get it? "Kicked it off", you know, super bowl weekend, football? Okaaay, moving along). Anyway, it continued with no breaky 'cause I couldn't get my act together before church. Then hubby wanted people for lunch and to give me a break he ordered chinese food. Very yummy, but probably not the most nutritious. And to make sure I topped that off well, daughter broke out the chips and dip for the superbowl game. And chips and dip is my downfall. I cannot ignore or walk away from those. Sigh.

So today I'm feeling pretty sleepy and sluggish. I can tell it's gonna be a day of drinking lots of water and trying to get on track with eating properly. I'll have to hide the leftover chips and dip and get it out of my eyesight or I'll be sabatoged again. Maybe I'll force myself to do that little workout I'm supposed to be doing daily but got derailed with a week a half ago too.

It was a bit of a so called "star struck" week for some of the kids. Oldest daughter was at a dance conference on the weekend where Nico, the first So You Think You Can Dance Canada winner, and Twitch, the 2nd place finisher from season 4 on the American SYTYCD, were teaching. She was pretty excited. They should be heading back today to her city so I'm waiting to hear how that all went. And son used those tickets he got for his birthday and attend the Mythbusters event. He said it was awesome even though they didn't blow anything up. He even got to meet the guys after.

Guess which one is my kid. LOL. He fits in pretty good with them, doesn't he? Something interesting he found out about these two was they both worked for George Lucas's Industrial Light and Magic. Grant, on the right, is a handful of people who has operated R2D2 and Tory of the left built the models of the pod racers and Federation Battleship used in Star Wars I & II. Not many can put that on their resumes.

On a much more important note than meeting tv personalities, a bloggy friend is in need of help. You many remember Kelli from Living in Grace. It's been a seriously long road in her journey for kidney transplant and the news has come that she is finally ready to move ahead with it and they are testing for live donors. To catch up with her story you can go here.

There are several ways as a community to not just read about Kelli but to somehow help her if God is laying it upon your heart. Of course, there is being tested for the match for the donation of a kidney. Now that is serious stuff. You can contact Kelli through her site. Or if it is upon your heart to give financially you can go here. Organ transplant is a horrendously ongoing expensive thing and insurance does not cover all the costs. Though they do cover all the costs of the donor. And if nothing else, we can all pray for Kelli and her family and send her words of encouragement. They need all of that we can offer them, too. So we can all do something, right?

Well, Monday is chugging along. So I need to get myself into it. And I need to drink another glass of water. I wonder how many it will take to flush all that junk food goodies like salt out of my system?


Anonymous said...

Isn't good how our bodies know we've filled them with junky foods? Hopefully, some fresher fare and water will get you back to your energetic self!

Tina Leigh said...

FOOODDDD!! Yes I ate my share this weekend too! I told my husband last night that I feel like a cow that dies on JULY 4TH, and left in the hot sun for a week! BLOATED!!! LOL!

Bev said...

I weighed the morning after SB, and oh the salt - good reminder from you - more water - flush it out!

Laura said...

Gosh just reading about chips makes me want them for breakfast right now. My total downfall as well. We don't have cable so couldn't watch the game. I hate missing the half time show :)
I've been busy trying to keep the house "show" ready. So exhausting!

Hen Jen said...

wow, my kids love mythbusters, they would have loved this! Great photo!