Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Random Dozen

From Linda's inquisitive nature comes the Random Dozen. Join us at 2nd Cup of Coffee for some random fun.

1. How good are you at delaying gratification? Depends on what it is we're talking about. And how much it costs. I've now been delaying gratification for a Caribbean holiday now for 15 years. LOL. Food stuff. Not so much. I pretty much give in to most of those cravings pretty quick.

2. Maybe a marshmallow wouldn't be too difficult a temptation for you. What food (or anything else) would be most tempting? LOL. Look at the that. The very next question is the food question. I really did not read the questions ahead of time. Chips and dip and pizza are my total downfalls. I have no strength to walk away from these two things. And I know it. I don't even pretend.

3. On a scale of 1-10 (10 being saintly) how patient are you? I must confess this is also my downfall. Depending on the situation, what hormones are raging and who I'm dealing with I'd say a 0 on a bad day and a 6 on a good day. Unfortunately it's so much easier to show patience to non family members. They tend to get the brunt of my non-patience. Sigh.

4. Have you ever waited for something in life only to be disappointed upon realization of the goal/object/etc.? I think most of us experience this. One that really stands out for me was a short time before I got married I really, really wanted to work at the one and only bridal store in town. I had such wonderful preconceived notions of how much fun it would be helping brides choose their gowns and helping them try on gown after gown. I was bound and determined to work there. I applied several times and prayed constantly about it almost literally demanding from God that I get that job fooling myself that I was praying in faith when I was just being a demanding child. The longer it was taking the more determined I became. I finally did get that job. It turned out to be the worst job I have ever had. I didn't get put in the bridal department. I got put in the men's department renting suits and measuring guys for alterations on the suits. Which was nerve wracking on several levels, one being anything to do with sewing, including measuring, gave me hives. The boss was horrible and when I did get to go over to the bridal side I finally ended up being canned because I couldn't understand why I was in trouble for not showing a bride the $1000 dresses (back then lots of money for a dress) when she came in with a budget of $350.00. All in all not a fun experience. But I still am drawn to and love the show Say Yes to the Dress and every once in awhile still feel like going to apply at another bridal shop. Just stamp "sucker" on my forehead and call it done.

5. Are you a person who takes shortcuts? Once in awhile but I'm pretty much a rule follower so shortcuts make me crazy for the most part. I might grumble through the whole process if it takes forever and a day but I'll follow the rules.

6. Which line is hardest to wait in? If it's for something fun I don't mind so much but for stuff like paying for groceries? Don't like that at all. But the hardest line of all is the waiting my turn at the emergency room. Experienced that twice in a few months at the end of last year and don't want to do that again. Nothing worse than being really sick or in pain and waiting in a waiting room with others in the same pain or feeling just as sick or more so for 2-3 hours before you even get back to a bed and another hour or two before a doctor even comes near you.

7. Did you wait to discover the gender of your unborn child until its birth? Yup, we wanted to be surprised each time.

8. Are you more patient with children or the elderly?
These questions are really convicting Linda. I don't know how to answer this one. I deal with children more and rarely with the elderly. I'm more an impatient person not with age but with attitudes.

9. Did you ever sneak a peek at a present? I think I did once when I was a kid but rule follower me was so under the weight of guilt from it that I never did it again. My sister on the other hand, was notorious for hunting down her presesnts. My mom caught on and started wrapping them before hiding them but she would literally, with great skill and precision, unwrap them enough to see what it was and then rewrap them perfectly. What a stinker. We still give her a rough time about it.

10. What is the longest you've ever waited for anything? See question #1. I'm still waiting.

11. Who has more patience, you or your significant other? I think we're about the same. It depends on our own individual areas. We're long suffering in some and impatient with others.

12. Which of the following songs about waiting is your pick for the best? (OK, you may substitute another, if you like.)

A) Anticipation by Carly Simon
B) The Waiting by Tom Petty
C) Right Here Waiting for You by Richard Marx
D) Wait for Me by Rebecca St. James

I'm taking a pass at this one. I'm horrible with recognizing songs that go with their titles and remembering the lyrics. And I don't have time to youtube them all. The only one I can think of is the Anticipation one and I associate that with the Heinz ketchup commercial so "Pass".

Oh and I just saw "Right Here Waiting for You" on someone elses post. I loooove that song! See how I can't put together titles and lyrics and songs? I so pick that one!

Well Linda, this random dozen was almost painful to do and tested my patience (LOL), because it is an area that I really have to be conscious about and be working on constantly in my life. No one likes to admit they are impatient. But I got through it. Now can please have an unconvicting one for next week, pretty please?


Karen said...

Patience is a virtue that needs constant attention for me. These questions are always so thought provoking. Great ideas for journaling.

Speaking of journaling . . . I have a guest writer on journaling on my blog today and a book giveaway.

Catherine said...

Yes, this was a tough dozen to answer.

I'm a recent convert to Say Yes to the Dress -- I've no idea why I like watching it so much, but I do. All those gorgeous gowns are like eye candy.

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

Wow...that commercial was
:-) too.

Your bridal store story cracked me up. It's like God said, "Okay, fine. You want it? Take it. But you're not gonna like it."

I'm pretty sure I've heard that from Him before too.

Tina Leigh said...

I dont think I will ever do Random Dozen!!! Made me sweat & twist in my chair just reading the questions & YOUR answers!! I am sooooo #3!!!!!

Mocha with Linda said...

Enjoyed your answers. Loved your ending to the one about the bridal shop!

Joyce said...

Hello fellow rule follower : )

I like to watch Say Yes girls got me hooked. I'm not sure how much they like watching it with me anymore though because I tend to go off on my 'why we don't need a $10,000 dress to have a beautiful wedding' speech. They definitely don't need the speech but I just can't help myself.

Barbara H. said...

Chocolate is my major downfall, and my patience seems to be decreasing with age rather than increasing.

I've only seen parts of Say Yes to the Dress. There is so much stress with a wedding, especially of the bride and her mom aren't on the same page. I don't think I could handle that part. But just helping a bride try on dresses to find that perfect one sounds fun. That is a shame that you got canned for trying to help a bride stay within budget.

I take shortcuts with many things but not all things. I guess it depends on what it is.

Melli said...

Oh my gosh! That wedding shop story is just hysterical! I would NOT ... let me repeat NOT be able to measure men up for fittings! NO WAY! And while I DO know how to sew - I hate it! So... NO! LOL! And I agree with Chel! God has said that to ME before too!

I'm sure you WILL get your vacation one day though -- and it will be SWEEEEEEEEET!

Mountain Mama said...

I like your answer to #8. I feel exactly the same way.

Faith said...

Well, this "fruit of the Spirit" patience really tries my patience! lol....these were kinda hard to answer! LOVED the bridal shop always make me laugh....happy wednesday Susanne!!

Just Breathe said...

Thanks for stopping over. I haven't had much of a chance today, my daughter is over helping me organize some after Christmas stuff I bought. Well lost of stuff!
I agree with you on the ER. I was recently there and it was a short time, last March we waited for a long time but were actually in the ER for 24 hours.

Nel said...

Enjoyed your answers. And the bridal shop one cracked me up! He does get His point across doesn't He! lolol
Thanks for sharing!

until next time... nel

Anonymous said...

It's amazing to me how you can keep answering these truly random questions, Susanne... but they are fun to read :-) I think my mom is in the same boat as you when it comes to chip and dip.

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Loven me some Random Dozen...this is just too much fun.

Great answers.


Michelle said...

I wish I had more patience.Good for you doing the random dozen every week..