Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Favorite Christmas Memory

Donnetta at My Quiet Corner is hosting a lovely posting party where you relate your favorite Christmas memory. The Linky went up yesterday and I know I'm a day late but it's such a heart warming idea I still want to join in. Why don't you join in too and tell us your favorite Christmas memory. Just click here to go to the post.

I had a very hard time narrowing it down, but I'll pick one from childhood and one from adulthood. That may be cheating, but I gotta do, what I gotta do.

My parents always made Christmas special, and I always remember a houseful of people, whether it was our house or someone elses. My Mom and Dad immigrated from Hungary and we have no relatives here in Canada at all, so my Godparents and my sister's Godparents, also from Hungary, were our family as they had no relatives here either. Every Christmas Eve, someone hosted the dinner, and there was always tons of food. My Dad would place a huge plywood sheet onto the table to make it bigger to accomodate everyone. The amount of food was crazy. Then after dinner we'd head to the living room to open gifts. We always opened gifts on Christmas Eve. One year my sis's Godparents hosted the dinner and as we were coming home late at night my Dad all of a sudden exclaimed he just saw Santa and his sleigh flying through the night sky. No matter how we tried we couldn't see it. But when we opened the door and went in the house, there under the tree were all sorts of presents that weren't there when we left the house. We always, always attended Midnight Service on Christmas Eve. And even though the church was filled to the rafters and extremely hot with all those bodies packed in, it was always a special memory for me with the big nativity at the front and special songs being sung. My favorite childhood memories always involve the special people who were our family.

My favorite adult memory is of course, recieving the best present ever. And that would be my daughter who was born at noon on Christmas Day, right after we opened our packaged presents at home. Her Dad was in the kitchen trying out his new waffle maker, and I was watching my music video I recieved as a gift when she decided she wanted to join us. She's always had great timing. LOL.

Please join us at My Quiet Corner with your favorite Christmas memory!


ellen b. said...

I enjoyed reading your memories Susanne! A Christmas baby...how sweet :0)

Carrie said...

This was really fun!

A Christmas baby like that would certainly produce a rather vivid Christmas memory to last awhile! I'm assuming there were no waffles eaten that particular Christmas! =)

Thanks for sharing!

Jientje said...

Both beautiful memories, but the Christmas baby really beats it all!

GiBee said...

Awwwee! No who can possibly top that?


Linda said...

Wonderful memories Susanne. Isn't it a priceless blessing to have a loving family? I can just imagine the surprise when you saw the presents Santa left for you.
And a Christmas baby - double blessings!

Brenda said...

Christmas really is about the people we share it with.

What a special present you got one year on the birth of your daughter!

Michelle said...

What a lovely post Susanne !! I hope that your christmas girl has a lovely birthday!

Donnetta said...

I'm so glad you shared both memories!

How special to remember the time spent surrounded by such special people considered family. As you shared this memory I could almost hear the voices of all in attendance and smell the abundance of food!

And your daughter on Christmas day... no greater gift or more special memory for sure!

THANK YOU for participating and sharing!!!

Barb said...

How is it that I didn't know your daughter was a Christmas baby! I'd say that was definitely the best gift you ever got. :-)

Michelle said...

I love family stories, especially where babies are involved.

Thanks for visiting my blog.