Thursday, December 03, 2009

Come and Gone for Another Year

Well, it's over for another year. Our Ladies Christmas Party at church has come and gone. This is the only large crowd Christmas party that I will be going to this year. Which is sort of nice because some years there have 3 or 4 that we had to attend and it was just too much. As the "official" door prize collector and giver-awayer, it was busy but lots of fun. I actually didn't do anything silly like trip going back and forth from the microphone, or say something I regretted out of nervousness, or stood in front of everyone with some article of clothing askew. Not that any of that stuff has ever happened to me. Ahem. There was a couple of strange moments when after I drew a name and called it out two different women came running up. Two women out of a hundred there that night that had the exact same first and last name. What are the odds? And then the other one was as I was calling out names another lady comes walking by right in front of me, I was on the floor not the stage, and she starts asking me to get her a chair to sit near the front for the play and to announce some things. LOL. Makes you have to think fast on your feet.

Today however, I woke up with a whopping headache. I think a combo of excitement, nervousness, running around all day trying to get things done, combined with no coffee due to a durn blood test and not eating thanks to the same and then not having time to eat until I ate at the party, it just all "goes to my head". Literally. So I'm nursing that this morning and hopefully the kids won't be in too much of a rowdy mood. Today we'll probably make a candle they can take home. Something that involves lots of glue and glitter sounds good.

So how is your Christmas season kicking off? Have the parties started yet for you or are you skipping those this year? Is your tree up and your shopping done? Or are you one of the "I don't want to think about it until the last week" kind of personalities?


Beck said...

I am ALMOST done! What I am missing, in fact, are presents for my husband's birthday THIS UPCOMING MONDAY. Yeesh!
That candle idea is pretty smart! I'm going to try that with MY kids.

Carrie said...

We're doing OUR big Christmas open house on the 19th and I'm looking forward to it! If I had 3-4 parties to go to I would faint dead away...simply because that would mean someone else was throwing a Christmas party! Every year it seems to be the same old thing...we're the only ones we know who LIKE having people over and host parties. Everyone else just attends. WHich is great...but sometimes I think it would be rather nice for somone else to do the honors and to be able to just attend myself!

Barbara H. said...

I hope your headaches goes away soon! If I had kids at home on such a day. I think we'd veg in front of videos.

I am glad the party went well!

I don't have any Christmas decorations up yet. We do that all together as a family and I don't know when everyone will have time at the same time. We have to figure that out.

I only put out some fall decorations on Thanksgiving Day, which was way late for me. I plan to do better for Christmas!

I have a big project this week but hope to dig into the present-buying next week.

Our ladies' group has a party in a couple of weeks and our adult Sunday School class has one I think the same week. Each of the kids has their own SS party. That's about all we go to. No one we know really has parties in their homes any more like Carrie mentioned -- I think it's just too busy. But one friend used to do so and I miss them. We don't even have a piano recital or Christmas program to attend this year as Jesse's not taking piano or in the choir this year. All the years I chafed at all the busy-ness of all the programs, especially when we had kids at different levels and more than one recital or program, I find myself kind of missing it this year.

Faith said...

Tonite is our first official xmas party. It is my husband's company party which entails hors d'eourvres at 6 pm followed by dinner and ballroom dancing, then pictures, then dessert buffet. And we both have to work tomorrow!! so i'll need plenty of coffee tomorrow to avoid the headache you are experiencing!!
Sat evening we have a party with our youngest daughter hosted by the director of the drama/dance group she is in. Next weekend we havea party for all youth group volunteers. That will be it for us, other than my birthday and my daughter's birthday. It sure is a busy time. I am hoping to host a new year's day open house IF we get our bathroom done by then (my little half bath that guests use!!) blessings to you

ellen b. said...

Hi Susanne! No shopping yet at all...oops.
I did a little decorating yesterday. We have lots of celebrating in December. Today is my DIL's b-day. Sunday is our 35th wedding anniversary. I'm going to a baby shower on the 12th. Tree arrives on Saturday. You get the picture. I hope your headache is under control and goes away real soon!!

Anonymous said...

I hope your headache goes away soon. Sounds like you had a great time :) Busy busy busy. I haven't even started Christmas stuff... I never do either LOL :)

Brenda said...

Our holiday stuff kicks off tonight with a Christmas play, then continues in to the weekend with lots of other stuff.

I had a bad headache today too, must be something going around ;) A long nap helped me a lot.

Mountain Mama said...

I think you are very brave for standing in front of all the people. I don't like doing that sort of thing at al, and would most certainly mess it up.
So now that the party is done you can focus on home and preparing for your Christmas. Must be a relief!

Linda said...

I have the first of the Christmas "things" tomorrow. It is our annual Christmas Bingo party with a few dear friends. I'm looking forward to this one.
Hope you feel much better very soon.

Laura said...

I have our tree up but it still looks like Christmas threw up in my living room with boxes and stuff still all over the place. Ugggg. I have one party planned, that's it. I love the last minute stuff better.

Donnetta said...

Our ladies Christmas party is this next week. In years past I have been actively involved. This year I get to go and just participate. I am actually looking forward to that.

Tree and decorations in my home up?... not yet... hopefully this weekend.