Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Checking in

Yes, I am still alive! No, I haven't disappeared off the face of the earth. Just sort off the face of blogging. It's been crazy busy here and I've been enjoying my kids all here for the Christmas holidays. My oldest is home until the 2nd and we've been just sitting around doing a whole lotta nothing, eating a whole lot of stuff I'll regret later and yet getting in good visiting. Us girls have done our traditional "Anne of Green Gables" marathon although this year we had to break it into 2 nights rather than an all out-all nighter. I think I'm getting old. I just can't do that anymore.

So on this morning, my birthday, I'm just watching the announcement of the members of the Canadian Men's Olympic Hockey Team. Big news here in Canada. The speaker just announced that every Canadian has been waiting for this news. Ha! They certainly don't know my hubby. He could care less. Hockey is about the lowest thing on his totem pole of thoughts. LOL. We just won't tell the guy and dash his perfect dreams. Anyway, I'm excited. LOL.

So anway, Happy Birthday to me! I opened my curtains this morning to an incredible, perfect gift. God saw fit to paint the trees and everything that doesn't move with a beautiful covering of stunning hoar frost. Hoar frost is one of my favorite things ever! I took a few quick pictures through the front window but I think I'll be running down to the lake to take some pictures before the sun comes out and melts it all off. What a perfect birthday gift. If I didn't get anything else today, I'd be very content.

Whoo hoo, I interrupt this regularly scheduled blog post to say a young kid who played on our town's hockey WHL team year before last just got named to the Olympic team! Now that makes it super exciting! Also the captain just named is the husband of the neice of one of the hairdressers at my sister in laws shop. Got that? Always more fun when you actually, sorta, kinda, but not really, know some of the players. LOL. Oh and Sydney Crosby and Jerome Iginla made the team. No surprise there. But definitely a surprise that Crosby was not made the main captain rather than just an alternate captain. Oh well. Do you care or are you more to the leanings of my hubby? LOL. It's my birthday, so you have to humor me. :v)

Anyway, speaking of birthdays, my youngest had hers on Christmas Day. A big 15 this year! Happy Birthday girlie! Unfortunately her birthday ended with a trip to the ER. Poor thing. She didn't even get any birthday cake on her actual birthday. Good thing we celebrated with one side of the family on Christmas Eve.It started the day before with her ear being very sore. It was sore here in the annual "pose in front of the fireplace with the stockings and try to get a decent shot" picture.
When she woke up Christmas Day it was really giving her grief. By the time we finished Christmas Day dinner she was in major pain and her ear was literally swollen shut. Three hours in ER later and mega doses of antibiotics, ear drops and tylenol 3's prescriptions later and she was sent home where she did a lot of this for the next few days:

And that's a wrap for our exciting Christmas. We didn't even get a Christmas family photo.

So now I'm off to take pictures. We'll see you Friday for Friday's Fave Five!


Barbara H. said...

Well, a very happy birthday to you!! I am glad you received the hoar frost since you like that kind of thing. :-)

I'm not into hockey, but I can see it would be more fun when you kinds/sorta/indirectly know the players.

Ow, poor sore ear! Hope she's feeling better now.

Enjoy your last few days of visiting!

Catherine said...

Happy Birthday, Susanne! and Happy New Year, too!

Sandy@JesusandDark Choc said...

Oh your poor girl....and on her birthday. BTW, my son turned 15 Dec. 17th......maybe we can introduce the two of them. Ha Ha! :)

That frost is breathtaking....please go out and take more pics and post them. I just love when God sends such beauty our way. What a nice birthday present!
Happy Birthday to YOU dear friend! :)

nikkipolani said...

A lovely birthday to you, Susanne! Your poor girl -- I hope all the medication will work quickly to ease her discomfort.

Musings of a Housewife said...

What IS it with Christmas? It seem like someone always gets sick. We actually stayed well here, but I'm bracing for the inevitable, as we leave for Virginia tomorrow and that is when we usually get clobbered.

The snow pictures are just gorgeous, though.

ellen b. said...

Good to hear from you Susanne!! A very Happy Happy Birthday to you! The hoar frost is amazing. Really makes for dramatic photos!!
So sorry about Christmas at the ER!
Glad she has gotten some relief...
Are we doing fave fives this Friday :0)

Lady Dorothy said...

Coming out of lurkdom to say, "Happy Birthday!"

PastorMac's Ann said...

Happy Birthday Susanne! Hope your day is wonderful. Blessings and blessings for you in the upcoming year - right up to the top and overflowing.

Linda said...

Happy Birthday Susanne!! It really does look stunningly beautiful.
I'm sorry your daughter was so sick on her birthday. I hope she's feeling much better now.
I love those family days of just doing nothing but enjoying one another's company.

Willow said...

Happy Birthday! I was into hockey a little tiny bit when I lived in Portland (OR) where there was a youth team (Winterhawks) but that's been a few years ago.

I hope your girl is feeling better and can appreciate her birthday now.

2cats said...

Happy birthday. Hoar frost is about the only thing I like about Winter. So I can appreciate the beauty of it. God did give you a great gift.

Julia said...

Happy Birthday Susanne! I hope your day was wonderful!
BTW - the hoar frost looks pretty cool covering the coloured Christmas lights. :)

Sandra said...

Happy Birthday Susanne, I hope you have many many more :)

Jerralea said...

Happy Birthday, Susanne. I don't know anything about hockey but I'm glad that you are getting a lot out of it!

Sorry for your daughter, I know how you feel, we had to take our daughter to the ER during the Thanksgiving holidays for an infection. Let me just say that I am truly thankful for antibiotics! (What did people do before modern medicine?)

Valerie said...

Happy Birthday to you! Also a very Happy New Year.

Brenda said...

Happy Birthday!!! It certainly sounds like you have been having a great time!

Laura said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!! What a beautiful site to see out your window, wow. I hope you have a wonderfully delicious day surrounded by your entire family. All the best in 2010 my friend!!

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday to my dear Albertan friend !!!!!Love all the pictures of the hoar frost.
I do hope that your daughter feels better soon..

Islandsparrow said...

Happy Birthday Suzanne - I love hoar frost too - so sparkly - perfect for a birthday celebration!

Your poor girl - I hope she's feeling better soon. Ear infections are nasty.

I won't be around to post for Friday Five - my laptop died and I only have this old desktop. It doesn't handle pictures very well. But I'll be around to read and comment.

Hope you have a wonderful New Year!

Faith said...


I will pray for your daughter....hope she is lots better now!

The picture of your 3 children is so nice!!

I have been sitting around eating and just relaxing my is nice to be home with my daughters....have a wonderful start to the New Year!!

Marg said...

Way to go and it looks like you also enjoyed the frost, while I enjoyed a wonderful blanket of snow and trudged 6km in the snow...I love it.

Yea Canada Team...I'm with you and I can't wait. I have tickets to Latislavia and Czechoslovakia.
But I am getting so excited...

Best to you in the New Year and Happy Birthday.