Sunday, April 26, 2009

I've got two new reviews up at my book blog, For The Love of Reading, that I've finished off of my Spring Reading Thing list. And two more different stories you won't find.

First is "The List" by Robert Whitlow. A page turning spiritual battle mystery type of novel that somehow got it's point and story across with scaring the tar out of me, which some of these types of stories tend to do. Scroll to #12 for the review


"My Heart Remembers" by Kim Vogel Sawyer. A standing ovation for me for this book. A story about a family of Irish immigrants and the "orpahn train children" who were sent out west for adoption and the plight of homeless children from the 1860's. It really involved my emotions as the characters and their stories were so beautifully written. Scroll to #13 for more detail on this one.
Head on over and take a peek if you'd like. Both were great reads!

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