Saturday, March 28, 2009

30 x 5 Challenge

I know, I know. I'm a huge procrasinator. And whoever told me I would grow out of it, well, you were wrong. I'm still putting off things until the last minute. My latest thing that I let go till the very last second was this great idea that my friend Linda at Second Cup of Coffee has started called the 30 x 5 challenge. It's about pledging to move for 30 minutes at least 5 days a week for the next two weeks.

Now as per my MO I procrastinated because it was a crazy day with a meeting in the evening so I didn't get to it and then Friday found us in the big city for an appointment. After the appointment, however, we had time to hit the humungous, 2 story mall. So someone please tell me that shopping walking like a maniac in the humungous mall in the big city yesterday counts as moving. I was under time pressure so I really did hoof it and it was for more than a hour, so please tell me, all that effort counted towards the 30 x 5! Hello? Anybody? Surely there is someone out there that knows this can be an aerobic workout! And hello? Lifting and carrying those bags? That takes some effort right?

Well, if it doesn't count then I've dug my hole, made my bed, or whatever else cute saying that basically says I have procrastinated to the last minute and now I have to make sure that for the next five days I have to move.

So it's a good thing that Linda, the smart cookie that she is, has made this little challenge not just for committing to move but also that we can encourage each other. Oh yes she did. So if you're like me and procrastinated to the last second, or you haven't heard of it until now, you can still jump on the band wagon. (Hey, jumping counts as moving, right?) It's not to late, just go on over and visit Linda and she'll get you on the list. It's over 60 strong already. Surely with all that encouragement even someone like me can do it!

Now I'm off to get on the elliptical because even though the saying says that I've made my bed and now have to lie in it, that is not true in my case. I have to go make nice with that thing in the corner of my basement. Sigh. Maybe I'll lie in my bed in half an hour.


Betty said...

I'm on the list and I'm visiting others! So far, the 30x5 challenge has worked wonders for getting me off my lazy butt.

Happt exercising!


Chatty Kelly said...

You sound just like my sister. She says walking around in her house putting stuff away for 30 minutes counted. LOL! I disputed that, but I may actually agree with your mall excuse...if I can use it! LOL!!!

Have a great day!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Susanne! You're in; you're really in! Yes, mall-walking counts, my good woman. Thank you for the great and gorgeous shout out and encouragement to others. We can do this! And just so you know, and I'm not making this up, the word verification for this comment is: "rears."

Anonymous said...

I walk my neighbors dog every day. It's always usually around 30 minutes HOORAAY!!!

Faith said...

Sounds great. I already do this but I'll certainly participate!

Michelle said...

Good for you for walking around the big mall in C or W.E.M??? I'm going to start working out on Monday during pre-school ;)