Thursday, February 26, 2009

From "Gross me out the door" to "Chicken Bliss" in a matter of days

So this last couple weeks have been health wise a real bummer for me. And my good hubby, in an effort to give me a break, stopped at a chicken joint after church on Sunday. Not mentioning any names but it's the one with the three initials in the name including "K" and "C". We hadn't had that chicken in a while and he gets a craving for a good feed of it every so often. So who was I too argue. Bring it on. I didn't have to cook.

There was leftovers and as I was packing it away, now that the chicken was a bit cooled off, I mentioned that it looked a bit greasy this time around but didn't think too much about it because I knew the leftovers could be crisped up in the oven again in no time.

And the next day that's exactly what I did for lunch. After putting them in the cast iron and into the oven, they came out wonderfully crispy. But then I got sight of what was in the bottom of the frypan. Hold onto your hats, I couldn't believe it. Out of two, count them, two pieces of chicken there was this huge puddle of grease.

Can you see it there in the pan? No? Well, here let me make it clearer by putting it into a measuring cup for ya.

Gross. Me. Out. The. Door. And I don't care how much that saying dates me. Out of two pieces of chicken over a tablespoon of fat. Sufficient to say, I'm totally turned off of getting that stuff for a long, long time.

Now if Barb would have just posted this recipe a few days earlier, I might have avoided this gross out post. But I'm so glad she posted it period. I made it for supper the other night and let me just say she deserves some kind of a prize. This was one of the easiest, one of the yummiest dishes I've tried. And I didn't even use a bag, I just used a big 'ole bowl to mix the whole thing. Really the only thing wrong with this dish is I'll have to double it next time because three of us ate the whole darn thing all by ourselves. Yes, it was that good. All we left was about 1/4 cup because well, we're not gluttons or anything around here. But if I wasn't so full I would have licked the pan. As it turned out, Samson was very glad I left that part for him. LOL.

So thank you Barb. I'd tip my hat to you if I wore one. The next time I'm under the weather, we'll keep on a-driving, with a laugh and a wave, keeping our wallets tucked away as we come upon that chicken joint knowing we can come home and have this totally easy, totally tasty, totally economical chicken dish on the table in less than an hour.


Michelle said...

We too like that place but don't eat there very often .That's quite a bit of fat yikes.

Willow said...

And all the heart healthy diet doctors tell us to eat chicken! Oh yeah, baked or grilled, not fried.

Sandra said...

We like that place too but eat there maybe once a year LOL Yeah I can't handle the grease that is really enough to turn anyone off...GROSS.

Chappyswife said...

Wow. I am shocked. Although I really shouldn't be. That is gross. I'll try to remember that the next time I'm having a craving.

Faith said...

doesn't surprise me. I boycott that is so ick!

That homemade dish sure looks great tho!

ellen b. said...

Oh girl, there must have been something in the air cuz I bought chicken from he who must not be named this week too!!

Scrap girl said...

I think you have put me off their chicken for life. All that fat - it has taken me since Christmas to lose a stone. I reckon a couple of meals of those and I will be wearing that stone again.

Barb said...

One of my brothers used to work for K_C. You know what grossed me out? They make their gravy by the gallon, from a mix. Yeah. For some reason, that doesn't sit well with me.

I guess the grease is going to happen - I mean they don't remove the skin and then they deep fry it, so grease is definitely going to happen.

I'm glad you liked the roasted chicken and potatoes recipe. I found that on the back of the onion soup box years ago. It works well with just the vegetables, as a side dish when you're having some other kind of meat, like a roast beef, too.

The thing that drew me to it is how easy it is - that always works for me!

Kelley said...

We all like that place too. I can't do it often just because of the grease. Look at what is in the bottom of the bucket when it's hot....EWWWW.

Linda said...

Oh that does look a bit frightening Susanne - when you think about actually eating it. Why is it that the stuff tastes good?
I'm sure Barb's recipe was both delicious and good for you. Can't beat that!

Barbara H. said...

Wow -- that does make you think twice about fried chicken! At least from that place -- don't know if it is any better anywhere else.