Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I'm been really busy the last few day and in a bit of P*M*S fog so have not blogged. As I was sitting here for I don't know how long, trying to think of something to blog about, not a thing was coming to me. So I ran through my drafts folders hoping there was something in there. And, I'm embarrassed to say I ran across a few posts on awards that had been passed to me, and for some reason got missed being acknowledged. Bad me. I'm guilty of being an idiot. So to all who gave me these wonderful awards I say "Thank you, thank you". They really do bless me. I really have no excuse except that somehow the it just kept getting scrolled down in the folders until I totally forgot. I'll blame it on the P*M*S*. It gets blamed for a lot of stuff around here, so this can just be added to that!

So here we go, remember some of these go back to last December.

From Mo at Our Slice of Paradise, a new blogging buddy I met through Friday's Fave Five. Thank you!

From Barbara at Stray Thoughts Barnabas Award. One of my blogging buddies almost from the very beginning of my blogging addiction hobby.

From Carol at She Lives. She's bold, she's funny, she plays bass, she blogs straight from the heart. My blogging bud from waaaay back.

And Chappyswife from Journey to the Prize. My blogging friend whom I have a real connection with. We seem to face a lot of the same things and understand each other.

From Daja at In Other Words. Another new blogging friend whom I've met through Friday's Fave Five. She's a lovely missionary blogging mom of six. Six!

From Faith at Gold in the Clouds. I love reading about Faith's family, kayaking and hiking adventures, and her insights into the Word.

Again, thank you Ladies! Please forgive me for being so remiss in acknowledging your lovely thoughts and awards!


Chatty Kelly said...

Well, aren't you the popular one?!?!? Wow. I've been called to the carpet this week for "forgetting" things (in the tune of not responding to emails). We're not perfect. Welcome to the real world. :-)

GiBee said...

Awe!! So sweet!!! It is easy to see why people love you!

Thom said...

Very nice and Congrats Susanne!!!

P*M*S LOL now's there's an excuse if I ever heard one

Islandsparrow said...


BTW - did you send that storm our way??

Gombojav Tribe said...

My prayer group calls ourself PMS. "Praying Mommies of the Sisterhood." LOL!!!! So, when I say that I have PMS, it just means I have to get to my Bible study!

Karyn said...

Congrats on the awards!

I've been wondering, since I also live in Alberta, what city/town you are in? You could email me the answer if you'd rather not post it. (my email is on my blog)

Chappyswife said...

Ah, Susanne, no apologies needed! You deserve every award ~ no surprises there. :0)

Hope the fog passes quickly. I really hate that, don't you?

Donnetta said...

You are so very deserving of each and every one of these! Congrats!!

Lisa writes... said...

Distinctions well deserved! Congratulations!