Thursday, January 15, 2009

Now Some Housekeeping Duties, Literally.

The Christmas tree comes down, the nativity gets packed away, the stockings all rolled up for another year. And out come the cleaning products. So when a huge box arrived just before Christmas full of Proctor and Gamble products they were put to good use this month. I would have taken a picture but there is something about a huge box arriving at the door that makes even teenagers over eager tearing it apart before mother can run to get the camera.

But I was excited. Just look at what arrived:

-Swiffer Dust & Shine furniture spray
- Febreze Air Effects for the home
-Febreze Candles with advanced odor-eliminating core
-Febreze Fabric Refresher for fabrics, carpets and air
-Febreze NOTICEables
-Mr. Clean Disinfecting Wipes with Febreze Freshness
-Mr. Clean Magic Eraser with Febreze Fresh scent
-Ultra Dawn,
-Dawn PLUS with Power Scrubbers

Barb, did you notice all the products with the word Febreeze in them? Be still my heart. I'm becoming as much a Febreeze fan as Barb, but I must say I haven't quite tried it on the dog yet, Barb. LOL.

Now having a dayhome with six kids, you'd think I would have discovered the Swiffer Wet Mop by now. But this was my first try. Now I'm thinking, what on earth was I waiting for? How easy was this to use to clean up my kitchen floor after a busy day with all those kidlets. Floor cleaning will never be the same in my house again.

And can I say the Dawn for dishes is wonderful, even hubby commented on how well it worked. Yes, my hubby helps with the pots and pans. Aren't you all jealous? He's a good guy!

I've been a cleaning fiend this month and thanks P&G for the gift basket of great products to help me out and make the house smell good. Now if you just had some tips to make the aforementioned teens excited to use these products on their rooms!


Faith said...

Just wondering: I have the swiffer dust thingy. Is the wet mop thing safe on stone (grade 5) tile? what about hardwood? let me know....thanks! HAPPY CLEANING!

ellen b. said...

How very nice. I like my dawn too!

Barbara H. said...

Well, that would certainly make housework fun, to get a box of new stuff to try out! Wow!

Donnetta (momrn2) said...

So now I'm wondering, how were you able to get them to send you a box of all of those goodies?

Ok, now... continue on. Cleaning that is.... :-)

Sandra said...

I really like the Dawn too...I can't get into the swiffers for some reason

Jen said...

How nice....i too love a fresh clean home.

Barb said...

Wow, Susanne. What a package! They sent me the Febreze air affects. They even threw in a new candle becasue I'd requested the air stuff in a scent they were out of. But I sure didn't get a package like yours.

I've been using the Swiffer wet jet for years and I love it. Just bought a new refill yesterday. Nothing could be easier.

PS. Febreze works miracles on dogs. They don't like it much, but it sure freshens them up. LOL

Sandy@ Jesus and Dark Chocolate said...

Now something like that might even get me excited about cleaning! How did you get such a lovely package. I have been wondering about those Swifter Mops. Sounds nice.

And Febreze for the dog.....what a great idea! Come here doggy...... :)