Monday, September 15, 2008

A Simple Woman's Daybook~Sept. 14/08

Peggy at The Simple Woman is hosting this weekly journal.

For Today:

Oustide my window: It's an absolutely beautiful morning. A little cool, sunny with bright blue skies, barely a breeze to disturb the leaves which are just starting to turn yellow. So the trees are a lovely mix of yellows and greens. It's supposed to get up to 26*C today, that 82*F. Indian Summer is definitely kicking in. Definitely no socks today! :v)

I am thinking: My mind is running a hundred miles a minute with my to do list for the week. I definitely have to make sure to get the kids outside today and that I really have to tackle my arts and crafts room. It looks like it exploded. I'm thinking of everything I need to get in the paper that I want to sell.

From the dayhome: Continueing on with the letter "A". More printing practice, color apple pic with a little hole for the "worm" which would be the child's finger, egg carton ants. Lots of outside time to enjoy this beautiful weather.

I am thankful for: my hubby who worked so hard stripping wallpaper and remudding the back entrance. A messy job. Thank you Sweetie! The money to be able to put Tia into violin lessons. She has been consistenly asking for years. I'm so thankful to finally do it. She starts tonight!

From the kitchen: In no particular order: Shepards Pie, bbq chicken drums with buttery rice, slow cook ribs, spaghetti, chicken pot pie

I am wearing: a green t-shirt, off white capris and green speedo sandals.

I am reading: Finishing up on "The Canopy" this week.

I am hoping: to get my act together with some kind of walking routine this fall. After a very lazy dazy summer, I need to get doing something.

I am creating: my reading list for Katrina's Fall into Reading 2008 challenge.

I am hearing: Curious George in the background, one of the kids whistling, the phone ringing

Around the house: the new curtains are up in the storage room. Yay! They were a mess and really needed replacing. Check that off the to do list. Ironing awaits me. A job I put off until I just can't anymore! Today is a good day to tackle that. The fall decorations are starting to come out. The pumpkin spice candle is sending a lovely scent through the house.

One of my favorite things: is getting those fall decorations out. I love the colors of fall; all the oranges, browns, yellows, plums.
A few plans for the rest of the week: get to organizing the craft room, take Tia to violin lessons, go pick paint with Jay for his room, put out Mr. Scarescrow on the front step.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you:

This beautiful harvest moon lit up our backyard last night. I love fall.


ellen b. said...

Have a wonderful week Susanne!

SmilingSally said...

Violin lessons, huh? Let me give you a tip: buy earplugs! At first, owww.

Anonymous said...

Can I come eat at your house this week? :-)

I have yet to get my fall decorations out this year -- I have been particularly reluctant to let go of summer this time around. But I do love it when the leaves start changing.

I have a little award for you today.

Jen said...

We had a nice moon last night..the calm after our storm. Your menu is comforting this week...

Tammy said...

Great to get this weekly update, Susanne...
We're having wonderful weather lately, too!
I think my nine yr old will be doing at least one more year of violin- she just started last Feb. and only got to the point of playing half of Twinkle Twinkle so though she doesn't like to practice, she agreed to one more year.

Sounds like you're doing fun learning crafts with the little ones!
Have a great week and enjoy this weather!

Faith said...

I love autumn as well! The moon was gorgeous last nite here in NY!
My youngest is also starting Violin on friday!!! We don't have to pay for lessons though as she gets them free through the school district. We have wonderful orchestra teachers here. She will be in the 4th grade orchestra this year and my oldest is in the high school orchestra. we only have to pay a small monthly rental fee for the violin until we decide to buy it. it's a great deal that our school district gets for us!
Enjoy your week!!

Islandsparrow said...

You have a busy week ahead.

We had a gorgeous moon last night as well but my picture didn't turn out - it looked more like a comet :)

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

That's a wonderful picture of the moon, I always have trouble getting a clear picture. Mine always comes out blurry, so great job on the pic!

Very creative stuff for the letter A, I really like it all :) And everything from your kitchen this week sounds awesome!

Hope you have a terrific week, Susanne!

Amydeanne said...

cool picture. we enjoyed the full moon too and how often i forget to actually take a picture of it!

gail@more than a song said...

My pics of sun and moon don't always turn out either, that's a great shot!
How do you like The Canopy, I've not heard of that one by Hunt but after Uncharted I think I'd like to read more by her! And I see you've finished Mistaken Identity, I really enjoyed it and was awed by their story even though I was a bit familiar with it.

Sandra said...

Is The Canopy any good?

Great daybook Susanne, I enjoyed reading it :)

Jamie said...

I love fall too! And I'm in serious need of some walking/exercise myself.

Barb said...

I think your summer has been about as "lazy daisy" as mine, Susanne. My word, I thought you were BUSY this summer. Look at all you accomplished!

I always enjoy your Monday post.