Monday, September 08, 2008

Simple Woman's Day Book

Peggy at The Simple Woman is hosting this weekly journal. If you'd like to read more or to link up head on over.

For today:

Outside my's clear sunny and cold. It's only 2*C, or 35*F. Fall is definitely in the air. At least at night and in the early mornings.
I am thinking...that it's early dismissal today so school kids will be home early. So that means some adjustments to dayhome, too.
In the dayhome...learning about the letter "A", apple print paintings
I am thankful hubby being able to drive the kids to school each morning. That means an extra half for them to be at home as opposed to when having to catch the school bus.
From the kitchen...chicken stirfry for today, Hungarian Goulash from the crockpot tomorrow, Mexican lasagna for Wednesday
I am wearing...dark wash jeans, long sleeved light blue shirt with snaps down the front and grey socks. A fashion plate I am not this morning.
I am reading..."Our Canada" magazine, the instruction book to my new phone. I'm now in cool mom category with this phone, as compared to the "boring" phone I had before.
I am score at least a couple tickets to the Canadian Idol hometown crowd results night screamfest gathering as I promised take Tia and go see, hopefully, our singing waiter win it all and that Tia gets her options fixed without a bunch of hassle as it was the school's mistake and not hers.
I am creating...a to do list for the week
I am hearing...Curious George on the TV, myriads of cars going by dropping their kids off at the school across the street
Around the house...the dusting awaits, the kids are whispering, playing hide and seek
One of my favorite things...that first cup of coffee in the morning, and this morning I had mine with cinnamon syrup. Yum!
A few plans for the rest of the week...airing out the winter quilts and duvet covers, exchanging them with the now not warm enough lighter summer coverlets, laundry, items to put on Craig's list and in the paper to sell, reorganizing the tv room downstairs

Here's a picture thought I'm sharing with you...
I won't be seeing these around too much longer with the frost warnings that are out each night now. Summer 2008 almost gone.


Susie said...

This is so fun to read! I need to join in some time. I love your new phone. Mine is so outdated. Have a great week!

Jen said...

I cannot believe it is so cold already there....yikes! It's in the 80's here today thank the good Lord.
Warm quilts sound nice though. I long for the winter days and nights..we stay home more and I love snuggling with my kids.

ellen b. said...

hope you get those tickets. Well I wish I could see something fall around here besides store displays :0). Our air conditioner is still on...

Sandra said...

So glad you're doing the daybook too, loved reading yours :)

Michelle said...

Good luck on the tickets;-)I'll be watching tonight.Fall is around the corner and Nothern Reflections has their clothing out allready with boxes in back.Your Coffee sounds delish...I'm sure the dayhome kids will love the crafts..

Shalee said...

I sure do enjoy these post, Susanne. It gives me a taste of your mind, environment and heart.

Oh, if you score tickets, make sure that you take pictures of your singing waiter!

We're really cold here too. It's as if Fall is a myth or something... Oh well, at least soup is easier to serve when the weather warrants it.

Barb said...

Very nice, Susanne. This was just a comfort to read, especially about airing out your winter covers. And you talk about him so much, I'm going to be as upset as you if your singing waiter doesn't win this thing. :-)

Laura said...

I love love love Our Canada. I have a subscription and just signed up for the More Our Canada. Woohoo, can hardly wait. Such a great magazine.

Islandsparrow said...

Boy it's getting cool isn't it? We're still having summer temp. but not for long I know.

Cinnamon syrup - I'll have to give that a try :)

Hen Jen said...

Beautiful flowers, Susanne. Thanks for sharing. I like these posts, I am afraid to try them, I don't think I could think up anything interesting...but I enjoy reading yours!

gail@more than a song said...

Cinnamon syrup sounds kinda fun and different! And it's cooler up north where you are! It was 90 something here yesterday but today it might only be 88.

Anonymous said...

35 degrees! I'm ready for some respite from the heat and humidity, but not for that much coldness yet. Thankfully it will be a while before our evenings temps get down that low.

I was always glad one of us could drive our kids to school, too -- my husband usually does when he's home. Those school buses come by here way early!!

I hope your singing waiter makes it! I have enjoyed your videos of him. He has the best voice out of all the other contestants I've listened to that you've posted videos of.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

I cannot believe it is already 35* there. We are having a cooler week in the upper 70s low 80s. You painted a great word picture in this. Even admidst your busy dayhome, you make it sound so peaceful there.

Lisa Spence said...

What a gorgeous pic!