Thursday, January 24, 2008

Thursday Thanks Tank January 24, 2008

I could not let today finish with doing a Thursday Thanks.
So this week I am thankful for:
-Quiet evenings. It's been a bit hectic of late, but for the most part our evenings this last week have been pretty quiet.
-Warm coats. It's been a touch chilly out this week, so I am sure glad I have a warm coat to bundle up into.
-Helping hands. I am very grateful to parents of my child's friends who are willing to come and pick her up for practices and performances this week when neither me or hubby are able to do so.
-Devotionals. It always amazes me how the Lord uses these to speak a word in season to me.
-God's grace. I really could not live without it. I am so thankful He does not give up on me.
-Grandma's. My sweet mom who blessed my daughter by giving her money towards her grad dress.
-Pam at Without Fear for starting this Thursday Thanks Tank to help us focus on all the wonderful ways that God blesses us on a daily basis. Head on over to her place for more Thursday Thanks or to join in.


Donnetta said...

As usual, so many of the things in your list remind me to be so very grateful for those same things in my own life! Thanks for being thankful!! :-)

Beck said...

Those are wonderful things to be grateful for! I'm particularily grated for warm coats this week myself.

Islandsparrow said...

Add me to "grateful for the warm coat" club! It's -20 here!

I picked up a down jacket at Value Village and it makes the outdoors bearable in this kind of weather!

Sandra said...

Love this list Susanne, they're great things to be thankful for :)

Kim said...

Quiet evenings and warm coats! With as cold as it has been here, I am thankful for those,too!!!

Barb said...

Quiet evenings....sounds like your resolution to make your home more of a peaceful sanctuary for your family is falling into place, Susanne.

Very nice list - I feel exactly the same way about devotionals.