Monday, January 14, 2008

Pursuit of Peace 2 and menu

In the past month we have had discussions here and here about the pursuit of peace in the home. To reiterate, just in case I just might have someone here visiting for the first time, I don't set resolutions at New Year's. But one thing on my heart for this year was to do what I had to do, whatever the Lord lead me to do, to bring a peaceful atmosphere to my home.

Since I started the pursuit of peace in my home this year, the Lord is showing me so many little things that eventually if not contained, add up to rob my home of a peaceful atmosphere. No wonder I was feeling underlying stress. One thing on it's own was alright, but when they were all adding together, look out.

Now if you are anything like me, I need to take things in small steps, or I will usually get overwhelmed. I want to make small steps that stick, not big huge things that will fizzle out within a month or less. I want it lasting. Now some things I know will be easy. Maybe not obvious, as is evidenced by the very fact that is occuring or there in my home, but I hope to be obediant as the Lord reveals them to me. And others I know are going to be very difficult. Those things that get down to heart issues within myself. Attitudes and reactions that I have over the years allowed to slowly creep in so that I don't recognize them as sin anymore. Or those that I don't want to recognize and acknowledge as sin. I wrap them around myself and use them as a shield to protect myself. It is those that will take longer and require more work. The work of the Holy Spirit changing my heart. But this year I am ready to get down to it.

But for today I'll mention another thing in the "natural" that the Lord has shown me. Another step in the pursuit of peace which I felt the Lord was telling me to do was to stop my subscriptions to magazines. Even though I enjoyed the magazines immensely, when push comes to shove they really were a source of stress for me. As I watched them piling up and not getting read, it got more and more stressful as I realized I was getting more and more behind. And I'm a cover to cover reader. If I am totally honest, I didn't really make that many of the recipes. Or follow and do a lot of the article's advices. So the solution for me right now is to let go of the subscriptions but to allow myself to buy one at a time if I want it that badly. Or I can take a couple hours on a Saturday just for me and head to the library. A place I love. And take a coffee and peruse the magazines there. Two birds with one stone, as it were. I gets me time to myself and I get to look through the magazine. And hey, I don't have to pay for it. There really is nothing that is going to be earth shattering that I will miss if I don't have every single month coming to my door. With this small thing, I'll cut down the stress of feeling I have to get it read, the stress of magazines laying around everywhere, the stress of magazines piling up because once I have them it's hard for me to throw them out, just in case I can ever use anything in them again, you know. And I'm getting rid of clutter, the overflow of which is stress inducing in itself.

And now, my menu plan for the week, which is another step. I must admit last week I totally dropped the ball on this one. I still managed to get dinner on the table by 6 p.m. most nights last week in spite of the fact that I was flying by the seat of my pants. But I definitely did notice the stress level rise with said flying by the seat of the pants.

Monday: Chicken breast with herb basting sauce, white rice, mixed bean and carrot medly

Tuesday: beef and barley soup, cheese toast

Wednesday: Shalee's mac and cheese, mixed veggies

Thursday: Mushroom sauced pork chops, pasta, carrots

Friday: scrounge day

Saturday: grilled steak, potato salad

Sunday: not quite sure yet.


Barbie @ Mamaology said...

Way to go Susanne. I think you are doing a great job of pursuing peace!

If you are intersted I've come up with a way to not need to menu plan each week.... I have it all planned out in 6 week intervals. It might not be for you, but if you are interested I'd be happy to email you regaurding it. Let me know:)

Islandsparrow said...

Good for you Susanne. I've given up on magazines too - although I am always tempted at the grocery checkout.

I find there are so many lovely sites online that talk about the same things that I don't really need magazines - besides they do cost a lot and are mostly filled with advertising.

Tammy said...

I can totally relate to wanting to find a better atmosphere of peace in the home, even in the physical sense.
My personal struggle is to keep on top of housework in the midst of home how you manage to do it with day care is beyond me! ;)

I don't know why I keep putting off making a weekly menu- I so need to try this!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

I have not had a mag. subscription in years, but I'm about to get back into it! Funny how we're heading in opposite directions that way. And also funny-I clicked on the pork chop recipe only to be offered to subscribe to the magazine! I can see how serious you are about pursuing peace, and I admire you for that.

Beck said...

This is a wonderful post - making a peaceful home is such a terrific goal.

Laura said...

Oh good for you Susanne. I did the same thing many years ago and canceled my subscriptions. I hated seeing them pile up on me like that. Now I can pace myself and will only buy one when I have no others on the go. I like getting them from the library as well, what a bargain!

I'm proud of you :)
Great menu too by the way,

Anonymous said...

I gave up on magazines too a while ago. Lol but mine was for a different reason. I used to looove the celebrity gossip magazines but when I'd read them I kind of felt icky. Plus they cost an awful lot.

Sounds like you're well on the way to a more peaceful home!
Sarah x

Michelle said...

Hi Susanne ;)
Good idea finding peace in the home,I'm off to look the chicken recipe and Good for you on giving up the magazines.I would miss Cdn living and Chatelaine though.Thanks for the blog visit..
Have a great week

Barb said...

Ont thing you said just jumped right out at me, Susanne...that we get so set in our attitudes and reactions, we don't even recognize them as sin any more.

There's a ton of food for thought just in those words alone.

I know what you mean about the magazines. I starting getting stressed over mine during the holidays. I normally read my magazines within days after they arrive but I got three months behind during all the holidays.

I'm down to two left to go through. But you know me. I don't mind throwing them away...AFTER I go through and clip anything that I really like, for my Good Things book. :-)

Melissa said...

Didn't realize you're pursuing peace, too. I've named 2008 as the year of pursuing peace & simplicity. God's been showing me a LOT already!

blessings as we travel this road together.

Annie said...

I just know 2008 is going to bring so many blessings. It's just a good year.

Shawna said...

Excellent advice, Susanne. I, too, feel guilty if I don't go through a magazine cover to cover, but where do I find the time. I think this will help you immensely.

Jen said...

Well you are totally on target here. The alone time will be really good for you, I love going to our local library and resting...there is a peace there.

the mother of this lot said...

Hi Susanne,
I found you from Barb's blog. Peace in the home and getting rid of clutter are my goals for the year too.

Good luck!

Shalee said...

Excellent, Susanne. You are going to be blessed beyond measure when you continue to pursue his peace...

That mac and cheese should help to add to the peace in your place too. :)