Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Yup, it's Snow!

For those of you who guessed "SNOW" in what was wrong with the picture in the post below, you are absolutely right! It was snowing this morning. That wet, slushy, melting stuff. Here's a nice closeup just to show you it really isn't frost but actually snow.

My poor, pretty little petunia's were quite weepy in knowing that their end is in site.

As we talked about here, this fall weather brings out the best of comfort foods in the Living to Tell household. After this display that urge is in full force. Now baking is not really my forte. Cooking yes, I loooove to cook. I follow recipes but I'm also a dash of this, dab of that cook and more times than not, finds me measuring in the palm of my hand, not with measuring spoons. I love to experiment and see what I can make up. But baking? Now that is more like science. An exact science. There is no dash of this or dab of that. It must all be measured exactly. And followed exactly. And forget anything finicky. When I bake it's usually something straight forward.

So my joy in finding this recipe was immense. One bowl. Minimal ingrediants. But the results? Oh, so mouthwatering! And what it did to make my house smell wonderful is beyond words. Now this lovely little cake stands just fine on it's own, but with a nice dollop of sweetened whip cream it was pure fall comfort food heaven. Beck, you'da been proud of me.


~1/2 cup margarine or butter

~3/4 cup sugar

~1 egg

~1 cup flour

~1 tsp. each baking powder and cinnamon

~1/2 tsp. each of salt and ground cloves

~1/2 tsp. nutmeg or allspice

~1/4 - 1/2 tsp. vanilla

~2 cups of peeled, chopped apples

Preheat oven to 350*F

Melt butter in microwave in medium to large mixing bowl, or in medium pot on stove. Add sugar stirring with whisk. Add egg and whisk together until sugar is incorporated.

Add the rest of the ingrediants and stir to mix well.

Thoroughly grease with margarine or butter a 9 inch glass pie plate or 8 or 9 inch square baking dish. Spread apple mixture in baking dish and bake for 40 mins., checking at the 30 minute mark. If browned but not cooked yet, turn oven down to 335* for the last 10 mins. Check with toothpick or cake tester for doneness.

Fall. It's all about the comfort food.


Barbara H. said...

Wow -- I've forgotten where you're from, but it seems awfully early for snow!! Here we just went from 90s to 70s in the last few days so it's just starting to feel like fall.

I agree, though, about fall being a time for comfort foods. Just today I am making a favorite oven recipe that I don't make at all when the weather is warm because it has to bake 45 minutes.

That cake looks scrumptious!!

Tammy said...

I'm just catching up with, snow already!

Thanks for this wonderful recipe...for home school, we're doing the famous apple theme for September! We're making apple sauce today, but I think we might want to try this!

Org Junkie said...

WHAT!!!???!! And I thought we got snow early in October. That is crazy!! But that cake sure does make up for it doesn't it, yummy! I've totally bookmarked it!

Hope you don't get anymore for awhile!


Beck said...

Copying down that recipe RIGHT NOW!

momrn2 said...

SNOW?!?!!! Running for the hills and screaming "NO" all the way!

We are in the 60's this week and I'm sitting here trying to stay cozy. Looking at these pictures sent an additional chill through my body.

Sorry you had snow friend... but it sounds like you handled it perfectly! Baking some good ol' comfort food!! :-)

dcrmom said...

SNOW!? In September? Okay, reason 583 why I don't live any further north.

And that recipe -- yummmmmmm . . .

Susie said...

My mouth is completely watering right now. Yummy!

peach said...

That cake looks fabulously delicious, Susanne. The snow . . . not so much.

I'll be copying down this recipe for our next small group Bible study meeting. YUMMY!

Molly Coddled said...

SNOW!!!!! I am so sorry. Thank goodness food, comfort food, always takes the edge off.

Shalee said...

Oh. My. Lands. That snow is completely wrong, but that apple pie cake would totally make up for it.

That, my friend, is definitely a recipe that will be tried very soon!

Bev said...

I'm ready for Fall, in all it's glory. I am NOT ready for snow! I did print out the apple cake and will make it tonight to take to our daughter's for dinner. Sounds wonderful and easy! My kind of recipe.

Missy said...

I can almost SMELL that cake from that picture! Fall foods are the best!

Lana G! said...

I'll be right over for a piece of that cake and a nice cup of coffee!

Here comes the next season... Love it!

Islandsparrow said...

oh dear...snow. I know it's coming but mid-Sept feels too soon.

It's a little warmer here on the east coast - I'm heading to the shore to catch what might be one of our last beach days.

Our apples will be ready for picking soon - and I'm certainly going to try that recipe. It looks delicious!

gail@more than a song said...

I saw your other picture and thought snow! Wow, snow already!
And it's been 90 here yesterday and probably today too, ugh.

ellen b said...

Now there's a great antidote to early snow...comfort food! Yummy...

Barb @ A Chelsea Morning said...

It really does just seem wrong to see a photo of snow in September. But you know what? Your petunias outlived mine. By far. Mine met the dumpster about three weeks ago.

I can't believe you're already into snowy season. It's easy to see why your were attracted to this recipe. That apple cake sounds wonderful!

Jen said...

Ohhhhhhhhhh now my mouth is watewring
off to make myself some lunch
have a happy day

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Gosh, snow, how awesome! That apple pie cake looks so good :) Thanks for sharing the recipe!