Thursday, September 20, 2007

Thursday Thanks Tank Sept. 20, 2007

Whew, busy day today with the kids. I'm finally able to get on here and take a few moments to slow down and give thanks. What a blessing doing an intentional thanks is starting to be. Even in busy times when everything seems to be chaos, slowing myself down and looking for the hand of God in my life makes me more aware of Him and His goodness.

1. I'm thankful for the snow yesterday. Yes, you read that right. I really am thankful. It melted quickly and provided some much needed moisture.

2. I'm thankful for fall. I love fall. I'm thankful for the cooler weather.

3. I'm thankful for my five senses at this fall time. To see the lovely colors coming out in the leaves. To smell that musty fall smell of leaves and fireplaces going. To hear the starlings singing their hearts out. To feel the crunchiness of the leaves underfoot. To taste the fruits of harvest time, like that apple pie cake from yesterday's post. (Scroll down for the recipe).

4. I'm thankful that my hubby is handy dandy at electrical things and was able to run me a new light switch for the laundry room.

5. I'm so thankful Ladies Bible study is starting back up. I really missed getting together with other women and studying God's word.

6. I'm very thankful for my pastor's wife who is a very giving, beautiful inside and out, lady. God has placed us in this fellowship and I'm so grateful to be able to get to know her.

7. I'm thankful for my oldest girl, who for the most part, very willingly, has taken over some of the taxiing services of the family. What a load of pressure that takes off of me.

8. And I'm thankful to participate in this intentional thankfulness that Peach started.

If you'd like to join in you can pick up the button at Without Fear and let Peach know in the comments there.


Beck said...

Those are WONDERFUL things to be thankful for, although I'd have trouble being totally thankful for snow in September!

Peach said...


I absolutely loved your list this week. It inspired me, encouraged me, and touched my heart.

I am thankful for you, my Canadian sister in Christ. You are a blessing!

gail@more than a song said...

I thankful for fall and love it too! It will get a bit cooler here eventually I suppose.
And it is nice when teenagers can help us out and shuttle the other kids around, that was always a big help to me.

Linda said...

The intentional giving of thanks. I love that Susanne. When we slow ourselves down for a minute or two and think about the blessings in our lives - it not only blesses the heart of the Father, it encourages and blesses our own hearts.
Your list blessed me. If you can be thankful for snow in September, that is a truly grateful heart :-)
I'm anxious for a bit of cool weather, but I don't think I had snow in mind!!

Kim said...

What a wonderful thankful list! Ther is so much to be thankful for...thanks for that significant reminder!

Jen said...

Our ladies bible study started last week....I'm thankful for those too. great list as always.

Jenny in Ca said...


wow, love your new design!! Really pretty! I am way behind on my blog reading and just clicked over and wow!

fall is my favorite time of the year too, very much something to be thankful for. ...I would have trouble with the early snow too!

over at my place, you guessed I was in Seattle, sorry-wrong..we were in Boston!! good guess tho. I actually collect photos of me/and me with hubby in front of Starbuck's we find on trips, they are indeed everywhere. I have one of us in Taiwan and one in Ireland.

loved your thankfulness list,

peace to you this week,